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Vintage clothing and accessories you can easily find in second-hand stores

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Vintage style is in vogue for several seasons. Plenty of such clothes and accessories can be found in second-hand stores. But what to pay attention to and what to look for?

Without a doubt one of the strongest trends in recent years is the vintage style. Clothes from decades past, which once wore our grandmothers or mothers, are now a real hit. You can also intertwine them with contemporary accents, thereby creating a very interesting styling

What is vintage fashion?

The term vintage refers to clothes or accessories that were worn several decades ago. On trend are popular in the 50s pin-up dresses, hats, gloves, and the obligatory red lipstick. Of course, fashionable are also pencil skirts or those flared, pleated, reaching to mid-calf. A real hit are worn by our mothers, aunts or grandmothers jackets with shoulder pads, cardigans with big buttons or blouses with collars

The biggest fan of vintage fashion is undoubtedly the actress and model Dita von Teese, who for many years has been styling herself in the style of the 1950s

What do you buy in second-hand shops to create trendy outfits?

You can look for vintage clothes in the closets of mothers or grandmothers. However, most fashion gems in this spirit can be found in second-hand stores. You just need to know what to look for. First of all it is worth to look through some photographs depicting women from decades ago. You can also look at the stylings of the already mentioned Dita von Teese. And when we already know what we are looking for – we should go to clothes stores to search. Undoubtedly, we will find there plenty of sweaters, shirts or jackets with buffets or cushions. There are also wide-legged pants and flared skirts. The key thing is to look at the quality of clothes, they should be sewn carefully and made of good materials

Second-hand shops are full of sweaters. Many of them have large, baroque buttons, which fit perfectly into the vintage style. It is also worth to convert something yourself, especially that sewing on buttons is not complicated and does not take much time

In second hand stores you can easily find a lot of accessories that were once fashionable. Big beads, pendants, earrings – these places are full of them! And literally for a penny. You can also find shoes that will suit vintage styling. However, you should check when there are deliveries of shoes, then you have a better chance that you will get something interesting and in good condition. The same applies to handbags. The advantage of second hand ones is that we can buy those of well-known brands, and even designers, for a low price.

Fashion designers often emphasize that many clothes from the so-called clothes shops fit into the vintage fashion and allow you to create interesting styling, but you need to know how to combine the various elements of clothing. If you bet on bold cuts – it is better to choose muted colors

In vintage fashion plus is undoubtedly that such styling as ours will not meet anywhere else!

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