Total look – recipes for successful one-coloured styles

Total look – recipes for successful one-coloured styles
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Monochromatic styling, i.e. styles in a single color, is a topic worth considering. If well chosen and styled, monochromatic outfits look smart and unique.

Is styling in one color and a total look the same thing?

Dressing in one color is a total look, however this term is not only connected with the color scheme of clothes. A total look is a combination of clothes and accessories in such a way that they match each other perfectly. It does not have to be a one-colored look, it can be for example a combination of a floral blouse with a floral skirt. The term for an exclusively monochromatic look is monochrome. In a monochromatic outfit, individual items may vary in shade and texture.

The rules for wearing one color

Creating monochromatic hairstyles does not have to be difficult. All you need to know is a few simple rules. Here are some of them.

Play with shades

If you want to keep your monochromatic outfit from being boring, you need to opt for several shades of the same color. Slight differences in color will make the look stylish and trendy. Remember, however, not to have more than 3 of these shades, otherwise it will lose its sense. 

Match different kinds of textures

You have no idea how varied and interesting this look can be! I’m talking about wearing several pieces of the same color, but with different textures. How about a matte blouse and shiny pants? Or a leather skirt and a wool sweater? Such combinations will look trendy and elegant, but at the same time original.

Don’t forget about your accessories.

Accessories are an essential part of any outfit. Add an interesting bag or scarf to your monochromatic outfit. You will see the difference!

Dressing in layers – this is it!

We think of layering in winter as protection against the cold. But can you also wear layers in spring and summer? Of course you can! Overlap and combine different lengths and layers of clothing. A shirt tucked into pants and a long jacket – how about that?

Don’t be afraid of patterns

A monochrome outfit does not have to be devoid of pattern! If you add some patterned pieces to your outfit, you can make it look interesting and trendy. Moreover, it can be intriguing and catch the attention of others. A suggestion for such a solution is, for example, to wear a checked or striped handbag with a solid dress. Another option would be to wear snakeskin stilettos with a blue denim outfit. Just make sure they are blue!

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