Nuts and seeds – why eat them?

Nuts and seeds – why eat them?
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Seeds and nuts are a source of many valuable nutrients. They can be used in various ways in the kitchen. Many people treat them as a healthy snack. In this article we will tell you why you should eat nuts and seeds.


More and more often we reach for organic products. Nuts are one of them. We can choose from many types of them. All of them have very valuable properties for the human body. Nuts are a good source of protein, so it is worth adding them to the diet to be able to create a balanced menu. A very large selection of nuts and other organic foods can be found at Nuts have a low glycemic index, making them an excellent option for diabetics and people with insulin resistance. When combined with other foods that have a higher glycemic index, nuts provide carbohydrate balance. When eaten as a snack, they will not cause a rapid rise in blood glucose, so they are definitely better than various salty or sugary snacks.


They contain a large dose of vitamin E, as well as B vitamins, so they support weight loss. In addition, they are high in potassium and regulate blood pressure. They also help prevent cardiovascular diseases.


They are probably the most popular kind of nuts in Poland. They protect the heart and cardiovascular system thanks to vegetable fats. It is worth including them in your daily diet to take care of your health. Substances contained in walnuts also have a positive influence on our memory.

Cashew nuts

These nuts can protect against the development of diabetes. They also contain a high amount of niacin, which has a positive effect on the nervous system. Cashew nuts also contain magnesium and potassium, as well as B vitamins.


These are almond seeds, which can increase the level of vitamin E in the body and lower the level of bad cholesterol. Besides, they are responsible for normalizing blood pressure. Almonds are also worth introducing into a weight loss diet.

Pine nuts

The composition of these nuts contains unsaturated fatty acids of the Omega group. They help normalize blood pressure and support the circulatory system, keeping it in good condition. They also contain lutein, which is good for your eyesight, as well as dietary fiber, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.


Thanks to the fact that they are low in calories, they can be eaten even by people on a weight-loss diet. Pistachios are a source of potassium and lutein, which have a beneficial effect on the kidneys and eyesight.

Grains and seeds

The most popular grains are pumpkin and sunflower seeds, as well as coconut chips. They are mostly used in the confectionery industry and in baking.

Sunflower seeds contain many vitamins: B1, A, B3, D and E, as well as mineral compounds such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and potassium. They are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

Pumpkin seeds regulate metabolism and support brain function. Coconut chips, on the other hand, improve the function of the digestive tract. Just like sunflower seeds, they contain B vitamins and vitamin E, as well as a lot of iron and protein.

Slightly less popular, but just as healthy, are chia seeds. They have gelling properties, which makes them ideal as an ingredient in homemade puddings or baked goods. Regular consumption of these seeds supports the proper functioning of the digestive system, besides chia helps to keep the skin in good condition.

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