Staycation ideas, or vacation at home

Staycation ideas, or vacation at home
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We associate vacations with going away and traveling. At least they were until the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Staycation is the answer to having to stay home while on vacation.

Staycation is a name formed from two English words “stay” – stay and “vacation” – vacation. Staycation defines a vacation that is spent in an interesting and creative way at home. In social media we can come across a synonymous term to staycation: holistay, nearcation or daycation.

Staycation, how to plan it?

Anyone who has spent a vacation at home at least once in their life knows that it’s not always a nice rest. Catching up on work, cleaning, a little renovation. Time and money slipping through your fingers, and no rest at all. If we want to experience a successful holistay, we need to plan our time well, create a holiday schedule and stick to it consistently. Staycation is a time we can spend entirely in the garden or on the terrace, learning a foreign language or reading a book.

Holistay advantages

The advantage of a staycation is the opportunity to spend time with extended family and friends. It is also a type of vacation during which you can save some money. Of course it is not a necessary condition, but taking into account the costs of flights, hotels, food, etc. it may turn out that you will have a lot of cash left in your wallet

Holistay allows you to live in your own home and take full advantage of its surroundings. How much time do we have during the working week to sit on the terrace or in the garden? On Holistay this time will be found for sure! What is more, staycation is a nod towards ecology. Less flying and driving – less emissions into the atmosphere.

What to do during your staycation vacation?

Staycations have no rules. The most important thing is to plan the time according to our tastes and preferences. Remember that it should be a time of relaxation and rest. So, let’s plan activities with a head and try to escape from the daily gallop.

Bring life into the garden

Staycation is a time that you can spend in your home garden or in popular RODs. You can pitch a tent and have a real camping experience with sleepovers. Just set up a small pool, hang a hammock, light a campfire or barbecue and start family camping.

Have a party on the patio

You can invite your family or friends over for morning brunch or dinner on your patio. Arrange the space in a boho or Hawaiian style. Hang lanterns, pull out soft cushions and lounge chairs. Spend time surrounded by your closest people, delicious food, and nature.

Invite friends over for a movie or series marathon

With the help of a projector and some rearranging of the living room furniture, you can create a movie theater in your home. Popcorn, colorful drinks and your favorite movies are the perfect plan for a staycation.

Plan a girls’ night out

An at-home spa, late-night chats, and wine. How about testing out fit recipes and green smoothies? Plan an evening with the ladies that includes intimate conversation and your favorite relaxation time.

Re-acquaint yourself with your neighborhood

Plan a family tour of where you live. Why not just look online and read up on what to see in your town? Go to museums, cafes, and restaurants and try to see your neighborhood through the eyes of a tourist.

Focus on self-development

Plan to do things you’ve wanted to do for a long time but never had time for. Try yoga in the morning, morning jogging, meditation, read books waiting in the queue or dedicate an hour a day to an online course in a foreign language.

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