Capsule closet – a handful of useful tips to help you create it

Capsule closet – a handful of useful tips to help you create it
Capsule closet
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Despite appearances, capsule closet is not a new trend. It appeared already in the 70s of the 20th century and since then it has been gaining more and more supporters.

What is a capsule closet?

The term itself comes from the English capsule wardrobe and has nothing to do with locking our clothes in a magic capsule. The aim of this fashion idea is to gather in our closet only such things, which we can combine with each other in many ways. Thanks to such prepared closet we will be able to instantly compose sets of clothes and accessories, which will be suitable for many occasions. In this way we will save time on wondering what to wear today, and we will cope with the
eternal problem of “I do not have what to wear”

The benefits of a capsule closet will also be felt by our wallet, because we will not have to spend money on new clothes every season. It is also easier to keep order in a minimally composed closet.

How to compose a perfect capsule closet?

Capsule closet is characterized by clothes with classic, timeless cuts, neutral, uniform colors or with a timeless pattern. A standard capsule wardrobe usually consists of 30-40 items, and every season it can be enriched with 1-2 accessories especially fashionable at this time of year. When composing a new, minimalistic closet, it is worth keeping in mind that the clothes it contains should be suitable for many occasions. Both for home laziness, training, as well as work in the office, and even a big outing

However, do not feel limited by rigid rules and adjust the closet to your own needs and preferences. Find out what colors you feel best in and focus your attention on them. If you don’t feel comfortable in skirts, replace them with comfortable, yet elegant pants made of soft fabrics.

To start your capsule closet adventure, take a look at what you currently have in your closet and think about what you really need. It is worth saying goodbye once and for all to those clothes, which have been waiting for a special occasion for several years and seemingly will never come. Let’s say a definite ‘no’ to sentiments and start betting on proven cuts and accessories.

What should be included in a well-composed capsule closet?

The word “should” is a bit overstated here, of course. In each capsule closet there will be something different, because you should create it according to your personal needs and preferences. However, its most popular items are:

  1. Tops, t-shirts, simple cotton shirts and blouses – they are the basis of a well-composed capsule closet. Opt for soft fabrics in solid, muted colors, which can be easily combined with other clothes to create many unique outfits for endless occasions.
  1. White shirt – this timeless classic probably needs no introduction. It is perfect both for elegant outings, work and informal weekend meetings with friends. Thanks to its neutral color, it can be easily combined with other garments and accessories.
  1. Jeans – the most universal pants in the world. Just like a white shirt, they’re perfect for any situation (well, maybe apart from formal outings). Stores offer countless cuts. Opt for the cut and color in which you feel most comfortable.
  1. Workwear – another universal and timeless closet classic. This thin, double-breasted, knee-length coat with a belt can be worn with sneakers, ballet shoes and high heels.
  1. Dress – a paradise for fashion freaks. Choose a classic model in light pastel or black color, and the whole styling will be over. All you have to do is choose the right accessories for the occasion. The fast way to get out of the house is ready!
  1. Aleather jacket is a way to break the trend and add some flair to your outfit. Whether it’s for the city or the office.
  1. Tracksuitpants – you can feel fashionable and comfortable even in your own home. Today tracksuits are no longer associated only with sports, but also with interesting urban stylizations.
  1. Handbag – it is worth betting on two classic models: a large shopper, which will hold all your daily essentials, and a small envelope bag for the evening. Black and delicately glossy will match every outfit.
  1. Shoes – stilettos, ballet shoes, boots and classic sneakers are basic models, which, contrary to appearances, will suit many outfits and, depending on the occasion and season, will give them an appropriate style.
  1. Accessories – the capsule closet is dominated by delicate, matching with everything jewelry and colorful scarves, which are able to enliven the styling.

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