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What is slow skincare?

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Proper skin care is the basis for maintaining its healthy and radiant appearance. Why are cosmetics based on natural plant extracts more effective than drugstore creams?

What exactly is slow skin care? It is a matter-of-fact and step-by-step care for your own skin, usually using vegan cosmetics. Over the years, the attitude towards ecology has changed a lot and this is also visible in the field of cosmetology

To keep your skin radiant and smooth, it’s not enough to apply just one cream (especially since there are several skin types, such as combination, dry or allergy-prone)! Your face, as well as your whole body, needs to be thoroughly cleansed first, using a scrub, so that it can then be sufficiently nourished and moisturized! Do not forget that natural cosmetics are a wonderful antidote to many skin ailments and a way to deal with tired skin.

Take care of your skin the natural way, but do it in a slow rhythm

Thorough cleansing and deep moisturizing, as well as performing these care tasks regularly, are the most important steps in caring for your skin in the so-called slow rhythm. Although it can regenerate itself – unfortunately it will not take care of itself. Time is not her ally. Over the years, the aging processes in the skin deepen and it produces much less collagen, so it becomes flabby and loses its firmness. Therefore, it is very important to systematically provide it with valuable nutrients

To make the skin radiant and healthy, you first need to take care of it from the inside. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is a great antioxidant. Remember that the same is true when it comes to skin care with cosmetics. When choosing care products, pay attention to their composition. Always read the labels. Very good effect on the condition of the skin have creams rich in essential oil extracts. The so-called hydrolats, commonly known as floral waters are a hit in slow care. Most often they serve as a tonic, because they perfectly cleanse and tone the skin.

What should your slow skin care routine look like?

Make friends with natural cosmetics. These are preparations that your skin will surely love. Care in the rhythm of slow looks like any other, only that the base are organic cosmetics from natural sources

Cleansing begins with a gentle facial gel. There are quite a few vegan brands on the cosmetics market offering natural cosmetics. Many of these products are characterized by an oil-like consistency, which is great for removing makeup residue, and thanks to the thick suspension of the product, it does not dry out the skin like more liquid specifics

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After cleansing, you can exfoliate your skin. A mask will be the best for this purpose. The next step is to apply an eye serum which has a tightening effect and eliminates bruises and wrinkles. Of course, look for those with a vegan formula. All-natural eye products are also great for dealing with puffiness and signs of fatigue.

Remember about your hands

After taking care of your face it is time to take care of your hands. The best solution for slow care will be to use a cream for dry hand skin, for example with shea butter in the composition, because such a regenerating and moisturizing cream does not contain artificial and aggravating skin substances. Hands are the part of the body that ages the fastest, because every day it is exposed to contact with detergents or temperature changes. We should take care of our hands especially in winter as the cold dries out the skin. In turn, in summer it is worth remembering to use cosmetics with high protection against UV rays.

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