How to look good without makeup?

How to look good without makeup?
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The less makeup you wear, the better – this has been a trend in makeup for several years now. But what if you could go completely makeup-free and still look beautiful, radiant and fresh?

Use scrubs regularly

A face scrub is a cosmetic that will help you exfoliate dead skin from your face. Regular exfoliation of the skin will lighten blemishes, reduce the tendency to develop imperfections and also smoothen the skin. Exfoliation can be performed even daily, as long as you use gentle cosmetics, such as rice powder, which also has brightening properties. Peeling can also be performed only 1-2 times a week. Then bet on products tailored to the needs of your skin

Use a gentle toner mist

Toning your skin is another important part of any good skin care routine. To get your skin ready for the cream, use a mist toner that contains soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, coconut, cucumber or damask rose. This way you will eliminate any irritation caused by rubbing your skin with a cotton pad. The skin will be refreshed, smooth and soft. To maintain this effect for as long as possible, you can repeat the application throughout the day.

Massage your face

You can massage your face with a special quartz stone, a roller or simply with your hands. It will improve blood circulation, make your complexion more even, and at the same time it will have an anti-wrinkle effect on your skin. Massage is best done over a serum or oil base.

Apply brightening masks

This patent has been used for years by Asians, who this way get a beautiful, alabaster complexion without an ounce of makeup. Applying a mask is a great opportunity to relax. There are many brightening masks on the market, so you will surely find something for yourself – a mask in a cream, in a sheet or peel off. Each of them gives the effect of moisturized and brightened complexion

Choose products with vitamin C

Daily use of cosmetics containing vitamin C in their composition has an anti-aging effect, brightens and reduces discoloration. It is easiest to apply it in the form of a serum under the cream. Try to use products that have a stable form of vitamin C – it does not oxidize too quickly and does not cause irritation

Adjust the cream to the needs of your skin

There is no ideal cream that would suit everyone. To take proper care of your skin, you need to know its needs. It is worth to observe our skin – how it behaves after washing, how it reacts to temperature changes, whether it gets shiny. This will allow us to learn about our skin type, thanks to which we will choose the perfect cream that will provide it with all the necessary ingredients

Use UV filters

UV filters should be used all year round, not only in summer. They protect our skin from harmful rays and help avoid discoloration. You can find creams with high UV protection both in the pharmacy and in the drugstore.

Apply eye cream

Maybe not always eye cream will replace concealer and eliminate all the bruising, but it will certainly reduce the appearance of dark circles. A good cream helps hide the signs of fatigue a bit, moisturizes the delicate skin under your eyes and leaves it supple. For a refreshing and awakening effect, you can put the cream in the refrigerator overnight to enjoy a gently cooling and refreshing effect in the morning.

Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler

You don’t need mascara to define and open your eye, just curl your lashes with an eyelash curler for a fresher look. By curling your lashes upward, they will optically volumize and appear longer

Moisturize your lips

The last step to complete your lip care regimen is to use a lip balm. Not only will it take care of your lips, but it will also give them a subtle sheen and, with some products, even color. Apply it as often as you need throughout the day. You can also use a lip scrub from time to time to remove dry cuticles.

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