Buying second hand shoes – the pros and cons

Buying second hand shoes – the pros and cons
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Year after year, the number of supporters of zero waste and second-hand shopping is growing – and this eco-friendly trend is not without fashion, either. What are the pros and cons of buying second-hand shoes? Let’s check them out!

The first advantage of buying second-hand shoes – saving money

When buying shoes in a second-hand shop or on any auction site from a private person, we can get shoes at a very bargain price (a big saving for the wallet). However, economic considerations are not everything

The second advantage of buying used shoes – great quality and very good condition

Although the shoes are sold second-hand – the first owner has worn them once or twice – visually they look like new and have no defects. With a bit of luck we can find brand-name shoes from reputable manufacturers, who are famous for producing high quality footwear. So we can enjoy exclusive shoes for a fraction of their market price

Third advantage of buying shoes that have already been worn – positive impact on the environment

People who buy second-hand shoes support the zero waste movement – they express their care for our planet by using already produced things, instead of fueling the fashion industry and supporting chain stores. Thus, such an environmentally friendly attitude reduces the amount of waste. It’s worth giving used shoes a second life for another reason as well

The fourth advantage of buying shoes which already had an owner – originality

Buying flip-flops, sandals, stilettos or boots second-hand, we can be sure that every second person on the street will not have the same shoes as us. It’s a perfect solution for women, who like to look unique

Disadvantages of buying second-hand shoes – no guarantee

As you know, buying used shoes, probably we will not be able to benefit from the warranty (unless the owner bought shoes in a shoe store, kept the receipt and warranty card). Certainly, there is nothing to count on the warranty, purchasing shoes in a lumpx

Disadvantages of buying second-hand shoes – risk of skin diseases

We do not know whether the person who walked in the shoes bought by us did not struggle with infectious diseases, such as athlete’s foot. So there is a chance that we will get an infection that is difficult to cure. We can eliminate this risk, disinfecting shoes after purchase with a special agent for this type of task (it is advisable for hygienic reasons)

Disadvantages of buying second-hand shoes – limited choice

A second-hand store or Vinted service is not a shoe store. If a given model of shoes catches our eye, we cannot choose the desired color version or size. We can buy what is available or resign from it.

Disadvantages of buying shoes in second hand stores – taking your time

In order to enjoy nice shoes, we usually have to spend a lot of time looking for them. Not every woman has patience and likes this kind of “hunting”. Looking for used shoes online is similar – often we have to browse dozens of offers and sites before we find something that interests us.

We hope that our article will encourage you to buy used shoes and more. By doing so, you will take care of the environment, your bank balance and look unique at the same time!

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