Coffee rituals – choose yours

Coffee rituals – choose yours
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Coffee has many supporters all over the world. If you love it too, you should know about the fact that there are many coffee brewing rituals. See what are the coffee drinking rituals in the world and choose yours!

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world. No wonder – it gives you energy and improves concentration, and it is available in so many flavours that everyone is able to find the perfect one. At you will find a wide selection of coffees, among which you are sure to find the one you like best.

Coffee in the world

Coffee brewing ceremony from Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, the coffee fruit has been used for millennia. Coffee beans are roasted over a roasting pan and mixed with cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. The beans are then ground and boiled. In this country, drinking less than three cups of coffee may be considered impolite. To prepare Ethiopian-style coffee (but not only), coffee beans are ideal.

Irish Coffee

Coffee in Ireland is served with whiskey, whipped cream and brown sugar. This drink originated in the mid-20th century, and different versions of Irish Coffee have been created all over the world, such as Spanish with sherry or French with brandy.

Saudi style coffee

It is brewed in a similar way as in Ethiopia. Here, however, only a third of the cup is filled with liquid. In Saudi Arabia, coffee is served with sweet dates and dried fruit to soften the bitterness of the drink.

Mexican coffee

It is made in a clay pot to enhance its flavor. The coffee beans are brewed with cinnamon and then filtered through a sieve. Coffee is served with brown sugar with a caramel and smoky flavor. In Mexico, coffee is also served with sweet bread or cookies. It can be flavored with milk, chocolate or orange peel.

Spanish Cafe Bombon

This coffee is ideal for sweet lovers. It is prepared from condensed milk and black coffee in the same proportions, which makes it very sweet and dense.

Originally in Japan

In this country, coffee is served in a bottle and in a can, hot and cold. There is also coffee in a cone. In Japan, a combination of coffee and tea was created, as well as coffee made from roasted garlic, and its flavor is enhanced with Japanese cherry blossoms.

Malaysian coffee

In Malaysia, coffee beans are roasted with butter and sugar, which are then brewed in a muslin filter. It is brewed for a few minutes and served with sugar, then diluted with water. This coffee has a caramel flavor. It can also be enhanced with condensed milk.

Coffee brewing methods

There are different types of coffee brewing equipment. If you love coffee, a kit coffee is ideal for you, and it is available both in beans and already ground. Below you will find the most popular coffee brewers.

Coffee maker

This is a simpler alternative to a coffee maker. A coffee maker is a small pressurized kettle from which the coffee is stronger than that brewed, for example, in a pressure coffee maker. Coffee makers are available in different sizes. You can buy ones created from aluminum or steel, but also electric or for induction cookers.

French press

This is a glass brewer usually with metal elements, equipped with a piston with a strainer. The strainer is responsible for separating the grounds from the brew. It is a very popular brewer, mainly due to its ease of use and low price.


Considered to be one of the most impressive coffee brewing methods. It consists of two vessels – top and bottom, as well as a burner with a rack. The coffee is at the top, and the water is at the bottom. The heated water “travels” upward, pouring over the coffee. When the fire under the pot is turned off, the finished beverage pours back through the filter into the bottom pot.

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