How to buy used clothes – a guide

How to buy used clothes – a guide
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Used clothes have their lovers and skeptics. This is normal – some people prefer to wear things that no one has worn before them. However, for lovers we have good news – by reading this article you will learn how to buy used clothes so that you will have plenty of stylish gems in your closet. It is not as difficult as it may seem!

Where to buy used clothes?

This question comes to mind first when thinking about second-hand clothes. There are several options. Used clothes people display through social media, for example, on Instagram or Facebook. This allows you to see pictures of things, inquire about the size and any damage. The disadvantage of this way is usually that you can’t try things on before buying or possibly return them. So you have to measure yourself carefully and hope that the clothes will fit.

Another option is to buy things in lumpeks, stationary. This way you will ensure that you can try things on and see how they look in person. This is not a method without drawbacks – second-hand stores are often characterized by crowding and scattered clothes. So you need to have a good mood and patience to find something suitable for you.

Check where there is a good lumpx in your area

If you find a moment of free time, spend it finding good lumpeks in your city. Walk around and see if the store suits you in terms of prices and quality of clothes. If so – it’s worth watching the place. Often lumpxes will tell you what days of the week they have new deliveries of goods and discounts. It may happen that all clothes cost PLN 1 on a given day!

Go to the store on a delivery day

Delivery day in a lumpx is a day when there are a lot of people there. This is because everyone wants to choose the best things for themselves before others anticipate them. However, it is worth breaking through and going shopping then. Things will be least overdressed and the offer will be richest. Remember, however, that this will probably be the day when prices are highest during the week.

Review each item on the rack carefully

The biggest mistake among people trying to shop at lumpx stores is only superficially browsing through the clothes. This way it’s very easy to miss out on great items! Look at each hanger, one by one. Take your time and have patience. Also look at the floor, because there may be something worth looking at there too. An item may have fallen off a hanger or someone may have just thrown it there after trying it on.

Looking for a woman’s closet? Browse the men’s section too!

You don’t even know how many great things for women can be found in the men’s section of the lumpx! You can find trendy oversized shirts and jackets there, as well as women’s items that have been rehung there. By the way, you may find something for your partner, father or son.

Look at things as excellent material for alterations

Not every item purchased at a lumpx will be good to wear right away. Often you may need the intervention of a seamstress. It is also worth paying attention to things that are too big, which can be very good material for sewing a completely new garment. Shirts in a far too large size can be worn as a dress – just add a waist belt to it. And if not, you can always use it as pajamas.

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