Do you already know Hægt, the Icelandic way to happiness?

Do you already know Hægt, the Icelandic way to happiness?
Slow life
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The Icelandic word hægt can be translated into Polish as slowly. Behind this word, however, lies a whole philosophy of life – slow down, think, enjoy the moment

In a world full of haste and omnipresent consumerism, can we still find places where we can enjoy nature in peace and quiet? Sure you can. Welcome to Iceland!


This place is absolutely magical and worth visiting if you need a moment of relaxation and contact with nature. It is located in the far east of Iceland near Borgarfjörður Eystri. One of the best areas for long hikes among mountain peaks and beautiful azure lakes. To completely experience its charm, it is advisable to set aside 5-10 days to relax

Stakkholtsgjá Canyon

Walking through the whole canyon takes about 2 hours. Additionally, at the end of the route you have to cross a river. However, as a reward for the persistent hike we will see a waterfall hidden deep inside. The canyon is located near Þórsmörk.

Glymur Waterfall

Those who love solitude and quiet will love the trail leading to Glymur Waterfall. When the tunnel through Hvalfjörður was opened in 1998, this route became rarely used. However, there is a trail leading to Iceland’s highest waterfall on this magnificent fjord.

Seljavallalaug Basin

Although visiting the southern part of Iceland is very popular, no bus tour will take you to this place. The Seljavallalaug Pool is the oldest and still well-maintained pool in Iceland

It is located between two waterfalls – Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. Admission to the pool is completely free – all you need is a swimsuit to relax surrounded by nature

Grótta in Reykjavík

Grótta is the perfect place in Iceland to enjoy the sunset over Faxaflói Bay. It is one of the nature reserves. Additionally, you can admire the extremely picturesque lighthouse during low tide.

Friðheimar tomato farm

The philosophy of Hægt can also be tasted! In Reykholt, in southern Iceland, there is a family farm that grows tomatoes and cucumbers. Right next door to the farm is a small restaurant where you can enjoy tomato soup made from tomatoes that are not suitable for sale in supermarkets

In addition, you can enjoy tomato schnapps, tomato ice cream, and Bloody Mary in a natural setting. Before your meal, you can take a tour and see the entire tomato plantation with your own eyes.

Þjórsárdalur valley

Although we can see beautiful waterfalls in the valley, it is rather overlooked by tourists. In the valley itself, as well as its surroundings, you can enjoy waterfalls such as Háifoss, Granni, Hjálp and Þjófafoss.

Rauðisandur Beach

Although Iceland is mostly famous for its black beaches, you can also find typically sandy beaches like Rauðisandur. This is another place where you can completely calm down and collect your thoughts. On the beach you will find nothing but sand stretching for 10 km. There is nothing to stop you from taking a long, solitary walk, without the flashy souvenir stalls.

Siglufjörður Village

Once the herring-fishing capital of the world, Siglufjörður is now a hard-to-reach village surrounded by mountains on three sides. The perfect place to catch a breather and get away from the noise of the cities.

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