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Why buy better quality clothes?

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More and more people are choosing to buy clothes that are of very good quality. This is often associated with a higher price, and yet customers choose them without hesitation. See what advantages are associated with buying quality clothes!

Paying attention to one’s habits and decisions, wanting to live closer to nature along with respecting its laws, and making conscious, ethical choices – these aspects are important to many people. Progressive consumerism makes people want to have more and more things (preferably cheap), but a lot of us are starting to notice that there is actually strength in minimalism and quality, rather than glamour and quantity.

They’re more durable

Definitely one of the biggest advantages of better quality clothes is their durability. They owe it to the raw materials from which they are made and the fact that they are well tailored and sewn with attention to detail. All this means that even after many washings they still look very good – unlike many cheap clothes.

In addition, some garments made of high quality cotton after a few washes become even softer and more pleasant to wear than they were at the beginning. It is worth mentioning that this happens without losing the original shape of the product.

They allow you to save money

Many people don’t realize it, but buying better quality clothes saves money in the long run. Why? Although chain store products usually cost much less, they are also much less durable. This means that poorer quality clothes are worn for a much shorter period of time, and thus they are bought much more often.

So it’s easy to conclude that buying cheap blouses and pants is not a good idea – even if it’s mainly to save money.

They help protect the environment

There is no denying that people who buy a lot and often do not contribute to environmental protection. On the contrary, they increase the production of garbage, and the whole planet suffers from it. If you buy clothes of poor quality, you will inevitably have to replace them frequently, because they will deteriorate quickly. However, if you choose quality products, they can usually last much longer. Even if at some point you decide that you don’t want to wear that jacket or skirt anymore, good quality allows you to resell them to a friend or give them to someone in need. This is rarely possible with lower quality clothes because they will not be suitable for this purpose. Moreover, inferior chemicals such as dyes are used in the production of cheap clothes. These often have an adverse effect on the environment. Quality clothing manufacturers, on the other hand, try to use such ingredients as little as possible.

They respect workers’ rights

One more reason why it is worth buying better quality clothes, is the fact that the brands producing them usually attach great importance to respecting the rights of their employees. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the manufacturers of cheap clothes. Too long working hours (also for minors), very low salaries and lack of concern for the health of workers are just a few examples – the list is much longer. Producers of poor quality clothing aim primarily at minimizing costs and prices of their products

In case of producers of high quality clothing, working conditions in sewing rooms are much better. More and more often, they give up using the services of people from other continents and have their products sewn locally, which also has an impact on the environment, since the products do not have to be transported.

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