Cosmetics with which to create light make-up for summer

Cosmetics with which to create light make-up for summer
Natural cosmetics
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Makeup for a warm summer day should be as lightweight and long-lasting as possible to withstand the heat. In addition, it should also provide protection against UV radiation. What cosmetics should I use to meet all these requirements?

Cream with SPF

It is important to remember about SPF cream on a daily basis, not only in summer and it is a good idea to start your make-up with it. It protects our skin from harmful UV radiation and prevents sunburn. When choosing a product of this type, it is worth to pay attention to its natural composition. For example the SPF 50 cream by Bema Cosmetici contains natural filters and is safe even for very sensitive skin.

BB cream

In summer, instead of heavy and opaque foundations, choose BB cream. It will help even out your skin tone and cover minor imperfections without weighing your skin down too much. Self-love BB cream by Resibo is perfect for hot days. It is light and additionally moisturises and nourishes the skin as well as soothes irritations.


What the BB cream does not cover, you can successfully cover with an opaque concealer. It is worth reaching for a light and brightening concealer that will not make your face look like cake. Our proposal is a product of a natural brand Sante, Mineral wake-up concealer. 95% of ingredients in this concealer are of natural origin. Additionally, the product contains natural hyaluron

Loose powder

It is a good idea to fix BB cream and concealer with a powder to prolong their durability. Loose powders are best for summer, thanks to their light consistency they do not weigh down the complexion. To achieve a matte effect it is recommended to use a mineral powder from Annabelle Minerals, which contains only natural ingredients

Waterproof mascara

To beautifully emphasize and open your eye, it is enough to use mascara. In summer it is worth using a waterproof product, which will not run off under the influence of sweat. Mascara is a cosmetic product, which in a quick and easy way can give your face a wow effect.

We suggest you take a look at the mascara from Yves Rocher – waterproof mascara Metamorphose Intensive Volume with botanical plant carbon. The manufacturer promises maximum lash lengthening, volumizing and curling along the entire length.


Although in summer most of us have naturally bronzed skin, it is sometimes a good idea to help yourself with bronzer, especially if your tan is not even. Apply bronzer to your cheekbones, but also to your temples and jawline to visually warm up your face

Sun & Beauty natural oatmeal bronzer with vitamin E by Fridge will be perfect for this role. In addition to its bronzing properties, the product absorbs sebum, thus matting the skin.


Summer is the time of year when highlighting is in high demand. That’s why it’s a good idea to apply a highlighter at least on your cheekbones. A highlighter with a warm gold color, such as the one by Felicea, will do just fine. This is a vegan product that gives your skin a healthy, glowing look.


Speaking of highlighting, you can’t forget about your lips. Replace matte cream lipsticks with delicate glosses in the summer. Then your lips will look full and fresh. You can achieve this effect by applying a natural gloss from PHB Ethical Beauty

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