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How to style oversize pants?

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Oversize pants have enjoyed unflagging popularity for many seasons. This does not surprise us at all, they are very comfortable, look great on different silhouettes and add a ton of nonchalance to the styling. However, not everyone knows how to style them to make the whole look really special. 

Therefore, it is worth knowing proven ways to outfits with these distinctive pants. Find out how to create a crazy outfit with oversize pants in the leading role!

Chic and casual, or oversize pants in the foreground

Oversize clothes reign supreme in chain stores and showrooms these days. They work wonderfully for any occasion. They can be worn both on a daily basis and for very formal parties. However, it is necessary to know the secrets of their styling. Let’s focus on pants, which are available in both fabric and denim versions. In this case, you can really go wild. No matter what your figure is, they are worth having in your closet. Let’s start with the fact that not so long ago every woman dreamed of having very tight pants, the so-called “tube pants”. They emphasized our shapes and gave us a lot of freedom in choosing other elements of styling. However, fashion is changing very dynamically and now pants tight to the body are no longer in vogue. What oversize pants are worth buying? Certainly black wide bells, as well as boyfriend-style jeans and mom jeans. However, not only! Also sweatpants of this cut work wonderfully in everyday loos. However, everything needs to be combined efficiently somehow, and therein lies the problem….

Oversize pants in action, or what to combine them with

It is worth taking a certain tactic. According to stylists, a wide bottom should always be combined with a narrow top. And consequently, if you decide on loose pants that fall slightly over your shoes, be sure to match them with a more figure-hugging blouse. Depending on the occasion, this can be a simple T-shirt or a shirt. However, this proportion should be maintained. You can, of course, throw on an oversize blazer, which will add nonchalance to your outfit, but once you take it off, it’s a good idea to have something tight on top. Why this correlation? It’s about maintaining the right proportions of your figure. If the bottom seems bigger and you add a wide shirt to it, the whole thing can look not very aesthetically pleasing and add you a few pounds. That is why it is so important to follow this rule. In fact, wide-legged bell-bottoms combined with a lingerie shirt with thin straps look great. You can match this set with delicate stilettos or decide to break the outfit with sports shoes, preferably white sneakers. On the other hand, for oversize jeans a cashmere sweater or crop top will look good, which will allow you to expose a little body. This “trick” can also be used with boyfriends, which are characterized by low-rise. All you need to do then is to throw on a ramon jacket and the styling is ready!

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