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Multitasking makeup and skin care cosmetics. Which cosmetics have multiple uses?

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The trend for multi-purpose cosmetics is increasingly entering our lives. Thus, for example, with a single preparation you can firm the face, unify the skin tone and moisturize the skin. There are really many possibilities. However, it is worth knowing which products are worth using, and which are multitasking only in name. Here’s what every minimalist should have in her makeup bag!

Cosmetics for special tasks, or multitasking gems

Why are multitasking cosmetics so popular? This is due to the fact that you can have far fewer of them in your makeup bag. The trend, therefore, emerged in response to a specific demand. Contrary to appearances, 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 items can actually be extremely effective. Interestingly, most of them come from Asia, but European brands are also betting on such “inventions”. So it’s worth opening up to novelties and stop being skeptical about them. Lip liners that serve as eye shadows or creams that can be used as a mask are excellent, extremely economical solutions. So how do you introduce them into your life, and which cosmetics can even be described as such? Let’s check!

2-in-1 cosmetics?

They can certainly include oils. They have a very wide range of applications. With them you can moisturize your hair, the skin on your face, as well as on your body. In addition, they are excellent for preparing scrubs and masks. Thus, they will be perfect in every way. However, it is worth choosing the one that best suits our skin and hair type. This way you can bet on one product. 

This solution is also very eco-friendly. You increase the chance that you will use the cosmetic to the end, and on top of that you do not contribute to the increased production of trash!

Color creams that are enriched with SPF are also great, as well as extra moisturization. Some even help extinguish inflammation. Such solutions are sure to appeal to every woman. It is also worth mentioning that, as a rule, they have a softer formula, which in turn ensures that no mask effect is created on the face.

Body lotion with self-tanner is an excellent solution for any season. It can moisturize the skin and without stains, in a completely safe way give the effect of slightly tanned skin. Some of them are enriched with natural oils, as well as firming substances. Thus, in one fell swoop, you will quickly and efficiently improve the appearance of your body, without overpaying!

Shampoo and body wash gel has been a well-known cosmetic for men for years, and surprisingly it works well. Men have different needs, and their hair is generally short, so they don’t need to apply a special conditioner, which is often the only salvation to tame unruly strands. In the case of women, versions of shampoo plus conditioner in one are not likely to be appreciated, and as a rule, women avoid them by a wide margin. After such a wash, hair can look not very aesthetically pleasing.

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