9 books that will tell you how to live zero waste

9 books that will tell you how to live zero waste
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Are you planning to implement zero waste principles, but don’t know where to start? Or are you looking for inspiration for a greener lifestyle? Check out these books that are a must-read for you!

Zero Waste Lifestyle, Amy Korst

This book is a bible for lovers of an ecological lifestyle. After reading it, you will learn how to produce less waste without losing your comfortable life. You will reduce the production of garbage not only in every room of your house, but also in your car!

House in harmony with nature, Christine Liu

From this book, you will first of all learn what less waste means. You’ll get expert advice on how to shop and cook without wasting food, how to purify the air with potted plants, and learn how to make eco-friendly cosmetics.

I Use, Don’t Waste. 52 zero waste challenges, Sylwia Majcher

This book is a real treat for people who want to implement a real EKO plan. The author advises how to reuse household “leftovers”. All with the help of 52 challenges that help to mobilize for a zero waste life.

To Have Less, Tisha Morris

This book has been hailed as a worldwide bestseller. The author fantastically introduces readers to the philosophy of minimalism and zero waste. It teaches how to say goodbye to unnecessary things which, for various reasons, we feel bad about throwing away.

Gotuję, nie marnuję, Sylwia Majcher

Although on the surface it may seem like an ordinary cookbook, in practice it is quite different. With its help you will learn how to practically use up leftover food. After reading it, you will easily arrange your shopping list and menus in such a way as not to waste an ounce of food.

How to Declutter Your House Without Falling into Despair by Dana White

This book with a corny title makes us realize how often we unknowingly clutter our own homes. As a result, we drown in clutter of unnecessary things and have trouble finding anything. With this book you will learn how to keep your home tidy and in the spirit of zero waste.

Zero waste life, Katarzyna Wągrowska

A book perfect for people who want to save the world from the wave of garbage flooding us. As the author convinces, “zero waste is a way to a better life”. We will learn a lot about conscious shopping, healthy eating and, above all, how to do something great for future generations.

Love your home zero waste home, or how to get rid of garbage and gain happiness in return, Bea Johnson

This book is an interesting and extremely practical guide to zero waste living. The author shares with the readers the story of her own life and, using her own example, shows how to change life to a more ecological one and save time and money at the same time.

Cosmetic Minimalism. How to Buy Less and Look Better by Ewa Połowniak, Joanna Hryniewicka

Something for make-up and skincare fans. Do we really need ten face creams? How to simplify our beauty care rituals? When to opt for aesthetic medicine treatments? These and other very important questions are answered by the authors with the help of experts in this guide.

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