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Body-positivity is especially important in the summer. Why not bother with a bikini body?

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The body is not an enemy, but an ally. It allows you to do dozens of activities each day. Who says you’re not ready for the beach? You are – always!

The perfect body does not exist – the canons of beauty

There are no women who cannot wear shorts, short dresses or bikinis to the beach. There are just wrong cuts! Remember this statement, because it contains a lot of wisdom.

Over the years, beauty standards have gone from one extreme to the other. Narrow shoulders, broad shoulders, full hips and buttocks, bigger belly, totally flat stomach, light skin, tanned skin, slim waist, curves, small bust, big bust, long legs, athletic figure, boyish figure and so on can be enumerated endlessly.

What does this make us realize? That now one thing is fashionable, and in a while something else will be. Of course it’s worth to eat healthy and move to have energy to act, so that the body functions well, does not limit us and we feel good – not to chase after an imaginary image of an ideal female body.

It is not worth wasting time on complexes. Remember that you have one body, and it’s up to you whether you accept it or not. In addition, you must be aware that your appearance also changes depending on the day of your cycle – your belly may protrude, water may retain, pimples may appear. Your appearance is also affected by pregnancy, menopause and illness.

Bikini body – no more shame!

Every year, as soon as the vacations approach, the media trumpet bikini body, summer form, etc. Instagram is full of pictures of perfect women, in beautiful swimsuits and with perfect proportions, smooth skin – is it really so? It is full of photos with filters and retouches. Often a woman is unrecognizable in person. What’s worse, the pressure is put on women, but not on men.

It’s been exactly 75 years since the bikini, a two-piece swimsuit consisting of a bra and panties, saw the light of day. It always aroused a lot of controversy, not every woman wanted to expose herself so much. The reason was not only embarrassment, but above all accumulated complexes and critical glances of other people on the beach. The problem is not only for women with a fuller figure, but also for those with a boyish figure.

Are you reluctant to wear a bikini? Drop it. We have the right to be imperfect. Comparing yourself to others won’t do you any good. Accentuate your assets and have a good attitude so you’ll feel more confident and at ease on the beach.

People will never get it right. There will always be something wrong. Is that a reason not to wear what you want? Absolutely not, and if someone doesn’t like it, just look away. Remember, don’t let yourself be told that you have to look a certain way to wear a swimsuit

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