What to take in a tent? Editor’s essentials list

What to take in a tent? Editor’s essentials list
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A tent vacation is a fantastic adventure for adults and children alike. A tent gives you great mobility and freedom. Such a vacation also saves money in your wallet. What to take with you on a camping trip?

A tent vacation is a very broad concept. We can hitchhike, go into the mountains with a backpack, pack a nomadic camp into a canoe and float down a chosen river or go by car to the south of Europe. We need to pack a little differently for each type of vacation. However, some advice is universal and the basic list of tenting essentials remains the same.

The right tent is essential

It may seem ridiculous, but if you decide on a decent tent, you won’t have to take any extra equipment with you. If the tent will have the appropriate size for the number of people and equipment, we will not need an extra extra bed.

It is important that the tent has a decent floor and a durable flysheet. Then we will not need to buy additional foils and covers. Let’s choose a high-end tent, one that will give us a sense of security and comfort.

Carrimat, camp bed or mattress

The next point in completing the camping equipment is a bed. We cannot lie down directly on the tent floor. Appropriate insulation from the ground is necessary. It can be a carrimat, self-inflating mattress, traditional camping mattress or a camp bed. Mini hammocks for tents are also a solution. The choice of bed largely depends on the type of recreation planned – the amount of space and the heaviness of the equipment.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag is an absolute must in our camping equipment. It will provide us with proper thermal comfort during sleep. On the market we can find a very wide choice of sleeping bags. They are adapted to sleep in different weather conditions, have the ability to compress to a small size, etc.

Additional gadgets

Among additional gadgets necessary in a tent the first place is a flashlight. We will need a source of light after dark

It is also worth to have on equipment:

  • hammer to hammer in herring,
  • a shovel,
  • pocket knife or multitool,
  • a first-aid kit – well-stocked for all occasions. Painkillers and antipyretics, plasters, hydrogen peroxide, tribiotic, insect repellent, sunscreen, etc;
  • accessories for creating a field kitchen – a tourist gas stove is an absolute must-have. Thanks to it you can heat up food and boil water in no time. A pot, a frying pan, menachets, and cutlery will also come in handy.

Luxury on a camping trip

Camping is for many people a lifestyle and a beloved way of spending free time. Accessories for sleeping and living in a tent are becoming increasingly specialized and luxurious. Some of the additional gadgets worth mentioning include a portable toilet, solar shower, folding lounge set with chairs and table, miniature grills, quick-dry towels. All these gadgets are not essential, but they can make living in a tent easier.

Appropriate clothing

When going to a tent, you should take into account the different weather conditions. We have to be prepared for any kind of weather. However, it is especially important to protect yourself from the cold. Even during hot summer nights can be very cold. It is worth getting thermoactive underwear, a warm tracksuit, and a fleece jacket. Wellingtons, a waterproof jacket, or a foil coat will also come in handy. Wellingtons come in handy when you go mushroom picking or for a walk on a meadow wet with dew.

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