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What is lagom, the Swedish philosophy of work?

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Lifestyle of living and working according to the Swedes, or lagom, is becoming more and more popular also in Poland. What is worth knowing about it and what is its phenomenon?

In Poland there is a fashion not only for Scandinavian interiors but also ways of living. Until recently Danish “hugging” reigned supreme, that is, living according to the local hygge philosophy, which consists in striving for comfort, convenience, peace and coziness. However, more and more people began to accuse it of mediocrity and an attempt to promote the image of a happy Dane. Nowadays, the Swedish way of life, or lagom, which is a bit different from hygge, is gaining more and more interest.

Lagom – what is it about?

Lagom is a word that comes from “agom är bäst”, which means “just right” in Swedish. And that describes this philosophy perfectly. It’s all about trying to achieve inner harmony in life, so everything should be as much as it’s needed – neither too much nor too little

According to lagom you should try to keep a balance between professional and private life. Both should not be combined with each other, nor should one of them be given more attention. According to the Swedish principle, you shouldn’t fall into professional inactivity, but you also shouldn’t participate in the rat race, focusing only on your career

Lagom is a philosophy that actually focuses on achieving peace and happiness. And this will only be possible when we stop striving to constantly have more and more, and learn to appreciate what we have

Hygge and lagom – how are they different?

The Danish philosophy is very different from the Swedish one. Lagom says that in addition to relaxation and pleasure, it is important to take care of your health – e.g. exercise and be professionally active. Swedes put a lot of emphasis on sport. Hygge, on the other hand, focuses mainly on peace, relaxation and pleasure. Here, instead of walking or jogging, lovers of this philosophy choose to read a book, watch a movie or listen to music at home.

Changes are made gradually

The lagom philosophy should be implemented gradually. This is because change always involves some effort. First of all, it requires a bit of self-denial. In the beginning, it is crucial to introduce a healthy diet. You have to give up harmful products, limit sweets or fast food. The next step is to learn how to manage your time wisely, so that you have time for both work and contacts with loved ones

People who follow lagom also care about ecology and the environment. Apart from a healthy diet, they segregate their trash and save electricity and water. They also bet on natural solutions, use reusable bags, install renewable energy sources, avoid plastic, etc. They try to have a lot of plants, greenery at home, they are also willing to invest in recycled furniture

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