These fabrics are already revolutionizing the fashion industry

These fabrics are already revolutionizing the fashion industry
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The future belongs to smart materials, derived from non-obvious raw materials, recycled or chemically modified. See that they don’t harm the environment.

The clothing industry is a huge contributor to global water pollution, carbon emissions, animal exploitation and human rights abuses (factories often employ children, no rules are followed, labour laws are a sham).

Fortunately, we can name quite a few materials of the future, thanks to which not only the fashion industry will benefit from it, but also our planet. The vision of sustainable fashion should not be just a dream, but a real action.

Synthetic fur

In the past, only natural fur was worn, causing great suffering to animals such as foxes, minks, chinchillas and many others. It was a symbol of luxury, wealth and elegance.

Fortunately, as consumer awareness and companies and animal rights organizations grew, the search for alternatives began. Great Britain was the first country to ban the breeding of animals for their fur. It was followed by others. The Fur Free Retailer program brings together producers of fur-free textiles. It includes such global brands as Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Michael Kors, Gucci and Prada, among many chain stores.

Now the synthetic fur industry is at such a high level that artificial fur imitates natural fur almost perfectly. They are made mainly of modacrylic.


This strange sounding name is made from the skin of pineapple leaves, which are simply waste from agricultural production. The resulting material is flexible, waterproof and durable, and does not require cultivation in the ground, water consumption or the use of fertilizers.

Apple skin

Leather made from apples has also appeared on the market. It is suitable for making shoes, clothes, accessories and even sofas. The resulting fabric is eco-friendly, completely biodegradable and resistant to damage.

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Yet another substitute for suede animal skin, this time coming from a special species of mushroom. Mylo is short for mycelium, or mycelium whose cells are laboratory propagated. The resulting fabric is not only eco-friendly, but additionally waterproof, durable and non-toxic.

Orange Fiber

The mass production of orange juice involves leaving behind even more waste. It turns out that orange peel can be made into a perfect imitation of an exclusive material like silk.

Synthetic spider thread

A synthetic version of silk spider thread has been made from bacteria with appropriately modified DNA. The resulting fabric, though delicate, is characterized by incredible mechanical strength and resistance to extreme temperatures. It is also flexible and does not dissolve in water.

Intelligent clothing

The development of electronic technologies is advanced and interferes even in the textile market. What does it consist of? Clothes are supposed to measure temperature, transmitting this data via a mobile application and then adjusting thermal conditions in the room, as well as monitor cardiovascular diseases, alert about a fall (sensors in the shoes of the elderly) or measure the pulse

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