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Interesting, original and original – currently organized hen parties in the slow style are very popular. We suggest how to have fun with friends to remember this time for life.

Where to plan hen night in slow style?

Almost every bride is looking forward to the hen night. It’s a very nice custom of saying goodbye to the honeymoon in the company of closest friends and it’s worth making sure that it’s a source of unforgettable experiences and memories.

Much depends on the creativity of the organizers, which is primarily the witness and the other participants. When planning it should be remembered that it should be primarily successful for the future wife and matched to her personality, character and interests. It does not always have to involve a party in a crowded club, the performance of a stripper or visiting many pubs and liters of alcohol. Some prefer crazy entertainment, others just the opposite.

Very popular in recent times have become bachelorette parties in the slow style. What does it mean? Going out of town, usually for the whole weekend, and not just an evening – to a rented house, guesthouse, manor or hotel. Idyllic atmosphere in no way makes it boring or quiet. A great direction will be not only the countryside, but also the lake, mountains or seaside. Here – depending on your preferences – you can rest in peace or a little more actively.

Also very popular are the so-called garden parties, or parties in the garden, which not only delight with beautiful scenery, but also allow you to spend time and talk until morning. It will also be interesting to organize a picnic.

Photo session

The bride-to-be will undoubtedly be pleased with the photographs, on which will be immortalized this special women’s time. Photo session in the slow style shows the emotions, catches the moments, without the pompous posing and artificiality. Above all, it is supposed to be good fun, full of naturalness and unforced smiles.


Recently various types of workshops have become popular – sewing, crocheting, making natural cosmetics, make-up, hairdressing, cooking, dancing or sommelier workshops. This is a great attraction of hen night, during which you can not only spend a nice time, but also learn something new or improve existing skills.

Games and activities

Hen night in slow style is also games and fun with friends. They are a great way to spice up this time, where there is certainly no shortage of laughter and funny moments. Of course the most popular is the test of knowledge about the fiancé, but also a test for the wife, a game to get to know each other better such as “I’ve never…” or forbidden words that cannot be used or “truth or dare”. You may also be tempted to play ready-made board games. Many women on the occasion of these games also decide on home SPA – scrubs, masks, oils and creams.

An interesting alternative is also a bicycle trip, a ride on roller skates or a scooter, although here you need to be careful not to hurt yourself or not to get bruises.

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