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Nettle tea – why should you drink it?

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Have you tried nettle tea? Such tea, according to many people, is tasty, and its properties are surprising. It has a good influence on many elements of our body and helps to speed up some processes. Read this article to find out what properties nettle tea has.

Nettle tea can be prepared from its dried leaves, but you can successfully pour boiling water over the fresh herb and get an infusion. Moreover, nettle teas are available in sachets in most stores. The brewing process can take anywhere from 2 minutes to as much as 10 minutes, depending on the intensity you want. The intense one will have a more diuretic effect. 

Effect of nettle on the urinary tract

The diuretic effect of nettle infusion is the most well-known property. Due to this, it has a cleansing effect on the body. Moreover, nettle tea will help you deal with water retention in the body. You can also confidently reach for it during cystitis. It will help remove bacteria from the urinary tract. 

Nettle will help with digestive problems

Drinking and eating nettle is a great way to support your digestive system and speed up your metabolism. This is because nettle is helpful for the gall bladder in draining bile deposits. It also stimulates the liver and pancreas and is good for the kidneys. Moreover, you can support yourself with it during diarrhea. If you have problems with elevated sugar and cholesterol, you should also be interested in nettle tea – it helps lower these parameters!

Nettle is an infusion that is great for the skin and hair!

Nettle is a herb well known to manufacturers of cosmetics and dietary supplements. It is great for the condition of skin and hair. You probably know nettle shampoo very well, right? It is used to fight dandruff and oily hair. Nettle extract can also help with the problem of hair loss. If you are struggling with purulent lesions, then poultices made of nettle extract can take care of them. Rinsing the mouth with this infusion, on the other hand, has an antiseptic effect. 

Nettle tea strengthens the body 

If your body is weakened or you suffer from anemia, then start drinking nettle tea. This plant is rich in iron, so it has a blood-forming effect. The previously mentioned cleansing effect of the infusion is also not insignificant – it helps to maintain good health.

Nettle is a plant that is often associated with burning and pain. However, it is worth trying out consuming an infusion of it, as its effects can be helpful in many categories of our lives. What is more, you can have it for free – just pick nettles in the meadow and dry them!

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