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Tencel. Why is it the material of the future?

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Tencel is called the fiber of the future for a reason. Clothes sewn from this fabric are becoming more and more popular, and fashion designers are more likely to see the many benefits of sewing clothes from tencel. What is so passionate about it? We answer.

How is tencel produced?

Tencel is an artificial fiber, but of natural origin. It is produced entirely from wood cellulose, specifically from its pulp, which, using modern technologies, is turned into thread. The process is similar to the production of viscose, but a biodegradable, non-toxic and safe solvent is used to create tencel. It is a 100% biodegradable fabric, produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Properties of tencel

Tencel is often referred to as the fabric of the future or the fabric of the new generation. All this is due to the combination of innovative production methods with the unique characteristics of other popular fabrics. Tencel is said to be as warm as wool, as soft as silk and more absorbent than cotton. However, this is not the end of the advantages. The fabric of the future is extremely durable – it does not shrink or stretch in water. If we take proper care of clothes sewn from tencel, they will serve us for many years.

Tencel is extremely easy to iron. Although, unfortunately, this fabric tends to crease, it can easily be restored to its original state with an iron. However, remember to iron the garment on the other side. Then you will avoid unsightly shine on the fabric.

Skin-friendly tencel

The main advantage of tencel is its ability to absorb water. All this is due to fibrils, or tiny hairs, with which the fibers of the fabric are covered. They are the ones that instantly absorb water, evaporate it into the environment, and even have a cooling effect. In clothes sewn from tencel you will always feel fresh, comfortable and hygienic.

People who are particularly sensitive to unpleasant, biting fabrics will certainly appreciate the softness of tencel. Its fibers are extremely pleasant to the touch and springy, which makes wearing clothes feel like being wrapped in a soft blanket.

Tencel – how to wash?

It would seem that such a delicate fabric is extremely demanding to care for. Nothing could be further from the truth. With a little delicacy and care, we are able to enjoy perfect clothes for a long time. First of all, follow the instructions from the manufacturer on the label. Clothes made of tencel should not be spun, as they have a low resistance to stretching. The best for the fabric is, of course, hand washing, although manufacturers assure that clothes can be washed at 60 degrees.

Tencel is a real fabric of the future – not only does it have the advantages itself, but it is produced in an environmentally friendly way. So it’s worth introducing it into your closet!

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