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How to Rock a Rave Bodysuit Like a Fashionista

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Bodysuits are having a major moment right now—and with good reason! They’re easy, fun, and flatteringly figure-hugging. But if you decide to rock one, you can’t just throw any old swimsuit on under there you have to really show off your bodysuit and elevate the look from ordinary to extraordinary with the help of other clothing items. Here are some ways to make sure that your bodysuit looks as good as possible.

What is a bodysuit?

A bodysuit is a one-piece of clothing that goes from the top of your neck all the way down to the bottom of your toes. It’s often made from stretchy fabric and can be worn as an undergarment or by itself. A bodysuit is typically seamless and has no buttons, zippers, or snaps. The word bodysuit comes from body suit. In today’s world, it can be considered a synonym for bra and underwear. Some people prefer to use bodysuits because they are more comfortable than wearing underwear with shorts or pants on hot days. They also make you feel sexy! A good example of a chic yet comfy look is wearing jeans with nude sandals paired with a lace-up shirt and scarf for summer. One could wear matching accessories such as a watch, rings, earrings, or necklace – wear these pieces in different colours such as gold, and pink – have fun with different shades of lipstick too!

The way to wear a bodysuit?

Wearing a bodysuit can be tough, but it’s more than possible. Here are some tips for rocking the newest trend in womenswear:

– Pair with high-waisted shorts or pants. This will help cover your stomach area and elongate your waistline.

– Match the colours of your bodysuit and bottoms to create a cohesive outfit that is sure to make you look good. Try pairing navy blue with black, or red with orange. 

– Wear a bra that matches the colour of your suit top, or wear no bra at all – this will help create clean lines and show off your body as desired!

How can you accessorize your bodysuit?

First and foremost, you want to ensure that the rave bodysuit you have chosen has an appropriate-length hemline. You should be able to wear it without it either dragging on the ground or being up around your ears. Now, with that being said, one of the best ways to accessorize your bodysuit is by wearing high-waisted bottoms with it. This will elongate your legs and create curves in all the right places!

main photo: Jahir Medina

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