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How to use jewelry to enhance a style?

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If you are looking for ways to complete your outfit, jewellery accessories are a great choice. Properly chosen earrings or necklace will enliven even the simplest outfit and emphasise your beauty and individual style. Read how to choose jewelry according to the occasion and your type of beauty.

What is your type of beauty? A division into seasons

If you do not know what color jewelry you should choose, try doing a color analysis yourself. Women with warm beauty (autumn, spring) usually feel better in gold, while women with cold beauty type (summer, winter) prefer silver. This is not a decisive condition, but for example, if you have dark hair and a very light complexion, it is very likely that a silver necklace will suit you better. It can also help to do a color analysis to see if you use more cosmetics with warm or cool tones in your makeup.

In order to keep the style coherent, when choosing jewelry, it is also worth taking into account the colors of your trouser belt, glasses frames or watch. The type of clothes we are wearing should have the biggest influence on the choice of accessories – the more decorative the material, the simpler and minimalistic the jewelry should be.

The influence of jewelry on the proportions of the figure

Thanks to different jewellery accessories you can make a classic styling have many facets, e.g. evening, business or casual. Using jewelry you can also visually even out proportions of your body. A good example of that is long necklace with a pendant, which can optically slim your figure and draw attention away from your bust. For women, who have more shapely lower half of body, long necklaces with massive and impressive pendant will be perfect. On the other hand, long, hanging earrings will optically lengthen and slim your face.

What jewelry is appropriate to wear at work?

Accessories that should be worn to work, depends on its nature and the prevailing dress code. Usually for an office-type job it is worth choosing discreet and elegant jewelry that will not attract too much attention. In this role subtle and elegant ladies’ necklaces. Their versatility lies in the fact that they match different types of clothes, including dresses, sweaters and shirts. Necklaces of minimalist design, with precious stones or pendants, will be perfect for different occasions. If you like combining several jewellery accessories, this type of necklace can be a good base. When matching jewelry to an outfit, it is important to keep balance – if you choose richly ornamented gold necklace, you should give up big earrings and excess of rings

Jewelry for evening and parties

For evening wear choose more expressive and extravagant jewelry, which will emphasize neck and cleavage. A party with friends or an elegant banquet are perfect occasions to wear a pair of rings earringsfor a party with friends or for an elegant banquet you may like to wear hair jewellery or bobbled hairstyles, which go best with tied up or loosely pinned up hair. The hairstyle reveals all the beauty of your ears and allows the jewelry to come to the fore

However, if you prefer to wear your jewellery on your hands, you should choose ladies’ braceletsthat suits your style. They can be subtle or expressive, made of silver, gold, leather or surgical steel. An interesting proposition are modular bracelets that you can compose according to your needs: you can change the pendants and match them to your style, thanks to which one bracelet will have many uses

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