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How to choose clothes for your beauty type?

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Most women want to look good in their clothes and thus arouse admiration and delight of others. That is why it is important to be able to choose a closet according to your beauty – how to do it?

We choose our closet to look not only fashionable, but above all tasteful and pretty. The right clothes can successfully hide our weaknesses and highlight our assets. So how to choose them, to look really impressive?

Colors are very important

Not only the cut of clothes, but also their color should be matched to the type of beauty of the person who wears them. Spring” ladies, that is, those with hair in various shades of blonde and blue, green, less often beer eyes and a delicate, warm, light complexion, should choose clothes of pure, pastel shades. The best will be: apricot, turquoise, blue, pink, light brown, olive or creamy white. Not advisable are clothes in brown, pink or red colors. Also saturated colors (e.g. cobalt or amaranth red) will not look good.

Summer-type women, i.e. those with light hair, grey or blue eyes and a delicate complexion, should prefer subtle shades of marine blue, light turquoise, pale yellow or soft pink. Women of this type of beauty should avoid black clothes. However, if they like this color, it is better to choose black accessories or clothes with elements of this color.

Women with autumn looks, i.e. those with red or chestnut hair, green or brown eyes and warm, light complexion look best in browns, creamy whites, oranges and reds. They should avoid pastels, which will “clash” with their type of beauty. If an “autumn” woman likes delicate colors, she should choose powder pink.

On the other hand, “winter” women with dark hair and olive complexion look best in clothes of strongly saturated colors, such as cherry, purple, bottle green, cobalt or ruby. Not recommended are bright shades, pastels, browns and beiges. Such ladies should also avoid red, orange or red sweaters and blouses

How clothes can add inches and take away kilograms?

Clothes can perfectly hide many imperfections of our beauty. You just need to adjust them. Short ladies should avoid pants with shorter legs, i.e. cigarillos or paper-bags – they could optically take away inches. In this case, straight-leg jeans, bell-bottoms and all kinds of ankle-length models are better. They should be matched with stiletto or heeled shoes.

If we want to slim our figure, pants with straight, slightly flared or tapered legs should definitely be in our closet. Avoid leggings or tube pants, which may make the figure look caricatured. It is worth ensuring that your closet includes clothes with vertical stripes, made of flowing, lightweight fabrics

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