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The little black dress – a classic that can be styled in several ways

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The little black dress is certainly the most famous outfit in the world. Invariably for years, this inconspicuous black dress has been considered a cult creation. Check out how this classic can be styled in more ways than one!

Is there a more classic and stylish creation than the little black dress? Most women are sure to have more than one in their closet. It can be an evening version or a classic that you can wear at any time.

Classics always stand up for themselves

Little black dress is a real hit in the fashion world. Did you know that its prototype was created in the studio of Coco Chanel, one of the most famous designers of all time? Such a creation immediately appealed to the great stars of Hollywood, who wore the little black dress on a daily basis, as well as on great outings

For example, the iconic Audrey Hepburn outfit from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” went down in both cinema and fashion history. The simple little black dress designed by Hubert de Givenchy has become the quintessence of timeless, feminine elegance

Even today, most of the world’s leading fashion labels offer little black dresses in a variety of cuts and styles. There are both party-ready versions, as well as everyday dresses for work or a date.

How do you find the perfect little black dress for your figure?

Is there a perfect little black dress? Yes, the trick is to find the perfect dress for your figure and type of beauty. In stores, both stationary and online, we can find plenty of creations inspired by the latest trends

Currently the hearts of many fashionistas are stolen by small black envelope dresses, which perfectly emphasize the assets of the figure. Ladies who prefer classics can always choose a little black dress, trapeze or flared

An important issue when choosing a dress is also its purpose. If it is to work, it is best to reach for a model with a white collar, and for a party choose one with a much more prominent neckline

Remember to choose the cut of a little black dress according to your figure, as a well-fitted creation may make you look slimmer, whereas an ill-fitted one may have the opposite effect.

A little black dress always works! – stylisations for different occasions

A little black dress is the ideal basis for an original outfit! Well thought-out and interesting accessories can work wonders.

The perfect complement or accentuation of a style based on a little black dress is undoubtedly jewelry. What trinkets are best to use to create the unique aura of a black-and-black outfit? Of course, the choice of jewelry depends on a number of factors, such as the event we are going to and the cut of our dress.

If for an evening out you have chosen a figure-hugging, and therefore quite tight dress, with a plunging neckline and long sleeves, then jewelry will be a great addition, which will give your outfit some chic and class, but also enliven it a bit. Silver, long, hanging earrings (they work best especially with updos and chignons) and an elegant, but not hanging necklace in the same shade will be a perfect match here.

If your outfit with the little black dress is more formal, subtle jewelry, which is more unobtrusive, will be the best choice, as it is the dress that plays the main role, not the accessories. A silver or gold bracelet in the form of a watch is a classic accessory you can confidently wear. You can also wear this jewellery accessory to a business meeting, an off-site training session or a team-building event.

An important and eye-catching addition to a little black dress is also a handbag. This accessory complements the whole styling perfectly. Black dresses are matched with bags in subdued colors, but here, as in the case of jewelry, the choice depends on the occasion and the cut of creation. For work, trunks with decorative buckles or clutch bags pass the test.

On the other hand, clutch bags combined with small black dresses always work well during evening events, such as weddings or romantic dates for two. When you add classic stilettos to such a combination, you are sure to attract the admiring eyes of your companions.

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