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How long do natural cosmetics stay fresh?

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Natural cosmetics are characterized, among other things, by the absence of preservatives in their composition. This makes them much more friendly to our skin, but also their expiration date is a bit shorter than standard cosmetics. How long can we use natural cosmetics? Can we somehow influence their expiration date? We suggest!

What affects the expiration date of natural cosmetics?

The expiration date of a cosmetic is not accidental – it is determined by special laboratory tests, during which the composition and influence of external factors are examined. Natural cosmetics, due to their nature and lack of preservatives, have a shorter expiration date. Among other things, fats are responsible for the rapid spoilage of products, the oxidation of which affects the quality of the cosmetic.

However, manufacturers of natural cosmetics realize that a short expiration date can discourage a potential customer from buying. After all, throwing half a jar of cream that has passed its expiration date into the trash misses the ecological principles that natural cosmetics companies care about. That’s why they are outdoing themselves in creating more and more new formulas and ingredients to help keep the product in pristine condition.

Which natural cosmetics break down the fastest?

The cosmetics that we make ourselves in the privacy of our homes will serve the shortest time. It is best to use them up within a few days. Particularly vulnerable to spoilage are products for which we have used fruits or vegetables. Also, loose ingredients may not serve us very long. If you prepare a clay mask on your own, make a portion for one time, as storing a finished cosmetic for too long can end badly.

How to extend the expiration date of DIY cosmetics?

DIY cosmetics are best used immediately after making them. However, there are ways to help you enjoy them a little longer. One of them is to add “traditional preservatives” such as oils, sugars and tea tree oil – pouring them into the product can extend its expiration date by up to a few weeks. Proper storage is also key. It’s a good idea to keep homemade scrubs in the refrigerator, as low temperatures extend their shelf life.

How to store natural cosmetics?

If you store natural cosmetics in the wrong way, they can spoil faster than the expiration date implies. Most products should be stored at room temperature, or 18-22 degrees. However, check the manufacturer’s recommendations, as some cosmetics need to be kept in the refrigerator.

For many people, the best place to store cosmetics is in the bathroom. For natural products, however, this can be problematic, due to the prevailing humidity. If you don’t have the option of storing products in another room, try to make the place dark and airtight. A cabinet, drawer or lockable trunk will be ideal.

How can you tell if a natural cosmetic is spoiled?

Whether a cosmetic is spoiled is best observed with your own senses. Check if there is no white residue on the surface, if the smell has not changed, and if it has the correct consistency. If you feel a burning or itching sensation after applying the cosmetic to your face, this can also indicate that the expiration date has passed.

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