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How to fight dry skin?

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Dry skin requires completely different care than oily or combination skin. In this case, you need to take care of it carefully, because it is easy to worsen its condition. So what should we do?

The specific problems of dry skin mean that it needs a little more attention. In this case, it is also important to remember that overzealous skin care is not advisable. Exfoliating too often can be very damaging. Therefore, you should think carefully about how to take care of it to get rid of problems

Dry skin – what you need to know about it

Dry skin is easy to distinguish from other skin types. It is rough, dull, tight and often itchy. Blood vessels are more visible and wrinkles appear earlier (and are more noticeable). Why does this happen? Dry skin produces less sebum, unlike oily skin, which produces too much. As a result, there are too few lipids, which are responsible for protecting the skin and maintaining proper water level, i.e. hydration. If the lipid mantle is damaged, as in this case, then moisture escapes even faster from the stratum corneum, making the problem worse

External factors that dry out the skin

It’s worth being aware that dry skin is very rarely a problem that we deal with from birth. It usually appears over time – as a result of improper care and external factors. If you do not want to have dry skin, you should avoid excessive exposure to strong sun, and if you do, you should always lubricate it with creams with UV filters. Also very low temperatures are not recommended and in this case it is necessary to take care of appropriate protection in the form of a greasy cream

Lipid coat of the epidermis can also be damaged by too frequent and strong peeling. If we have sensitive skin, a better solution are enzymatic peels, which work more gently, but just as effectively

Sometimes the skin is dry due to illness, menopause, pregnancy or taking certain medications, especially those for blood pressure

What can be done to prevent dry skin?

If we want dry skin to remain only a memory, we must bet on well thought-out care. The basic cosmetics, which should then reach for every day, are certainly moisturizing and greasing creams. The first will provide the skin with moisturizing ingredients, and the second will supplement the level of lipids and create an invisible protective layer of skin (so it will not lose moisture). Before going out – even in winter – you should always apply a cream with UV protection. It is also good that it was enriched with apple seed extract or vitamin PP – these ingredients help retain moisture in the skin. In turn, the night cream should have in its composition emollients, ceramides, vegetable oils or urea

For makeup removal in the case of dry skin, milk without alcohol should be used. You can also choose toners, foams or micellar liquids designed specifically for such skin.

Diet is also crucial – it should be healthy and rich in fruits and vegetables. You should also drink at least 2 liters of fluids every day, preferably water. If you want dry skin to remain only an unpleasant memory, you should give up coffee or stimulants such as cigarettes and alcohol.

Main photo: Cheyenne Doig/unsplash.com

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