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Hair Laminating at Home. What does it do and how do I do it?

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Hair laminating is nothing but covering the hair with a cosmetic product that protects its surface. The product exposed to heat is quickly absorbed by the hair and nourishes it deeply. You don’t have to spend money on expensive salon treatments. Find out how to apply the lamination at home!

You can protect your hair from damage for only 3 zł! Laminating closes the cuticles at the ends for a shiny and bright effect. In addition, you will be able to comb your hair in no time with no knots. Individual strands of hair appear thicker and softer to the touch. All you need for this treatment is gelatin.

How to Laminate Hair Properly?

The treatment can be done with powdered jelly or gelatin, which costs only a few zlotys. Your hair is ready for lamination after a thorough shampooing. After washing, do not rub your hair in a towel, but gently dry the next sections. To laminate your hair you need 2 tablespoons of gelatin, 2 tablespoons of hair conditioner and 4 tablespoons of hot water

First mix the gelatin with the liquid, then combine the mass with the prepared conditioner. You will improve the procedure by dividing the hair into several parts. Start the process from the bottom part of your hair, carefully applying the mixture to your hair. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap and a towel for extra hold. After 30 minutes, rinse the product out of your hair.

Laminating with Linseed

Along with gelatin, flaxseed is an equally effective ingredient rich in a whole range of nutrients, the best of which are magnesium, zinc and calcium. The result is radiant hair, moisturized from within and smooth to the touch. Owners of thick, frizz-prone hair should use it because it makes it easier to comb and style.

Start the laminating process by washing your hair. Brush them thoroughly, starting from the ends. To create the product, you will only need 3 tablespoons of flaxseed and 2 cups of water. Before you start combining the ingredients, boil the flaxseed for ten minutes. Strain the resulting mixture through a sieve and apply it to your hair, starting right at the scalp. Divide your hair into strands and work the mixture through them one by one. Finally, protect your hair with foil to ensure proper temperature and wrap it with a towel. After about 45 minutes, rinse the product thoroughly with cool water. Wash your hair again using a shampoo, massaging your scalp. The last step is to blow dry your hair with a hair dryer. Remember to use a warm blow dryer – warm air contributes to damaging and burning the ends of your hair, but in this case, the higher temperature increases the laminating effect

Laminating will not fix the problem of split ends damaged by repeated bleaching. Application of flaxseed or gelatin is intended to improve the appearance of the hair. The effect lasts about two weeks.

You can get flaxseed at the grocery store. You have a choice between brown flaxseed and golden flaxseed, which is much richer in nutrients. You will definitely find whole seeds more useful for making homemade cosmetics

This plant is great for porous, dry, colored, curly and damaged hair. In addition, it is ideal if you have problems with split ends. Flaxseed mobilizes hair roots for hair growth

Flaxseed is recommended for thinning hair, hair that falls out and hair with split ends. Watch your hair closely to determine how often you should repeat the treatment. If you notice that it is losing its shine again, perform another lamination.

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