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What exactly is duplicate content and why should it be avoided in the fashion industry?

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Ecommerce SEO is one of the most needed online marketing activities, which is why it is very popular in the ecommerce SEO market. This is due to, among other things, the high effectiveness of the work done and the relatively low price, which should not overburden the budget of an online business that is primarily concerned with achieving the best possible financial results, an SEO specialist from Philadelphia SEO company tells us. The basic mistake that virtually all entrepreneurs have to deal with is duplicate-content, which SEO services Houston pays special attention to. Practically everyone has some contact with this term. It is also one of those mistakes that greatly affect the effectiveness of positioning and visibility of a given website on the web. 

Positioning is essential in modern e-commerce

Not many people realize how important a source of customers in the modern world of ecommerce SEO is the Google search engine. It is with its help that most Internet users search for new stores, portfolios or company catalogs. This fact should not come as a surprise. There are hundreds of millions of websites in Google’s resources, which the giant from Mountain View has to organize in some way. Philadelphia SEO company webmaster explains the workings of Google, which uses data obtained by indexing robots to calculate the position of each site on the web, using an algorithm that calculates the position of each site in real time. These are small scripts that constantly circulate the web and pull data from new and old sites, for example, in order to update them. Ecommerce SEO is all about getting as high up in the search results as possible

It’s rare for an entrepreneur to be able to meet all the requirements of Google’s algorithm on their own, admits market analyst SEO services Houston. Not only are there hundreds of them, but they are all equally important in terms of results, yet they are not available to everyone. This is because some of the parameters are hidden. What is more, Google itself rarely informs positioners about new requirements, but only about the basic and most important guidelines.

Duplicate content – a parameter which influences the results

Here the answer was given to us by SEO services Houston copywriters – duplicate content is one of the basic and most noticeable errors in website construction, which can significantly worsen the profitability of positioning in the long and short term. So what exactly is duplicate content and why should you avoid it? SEO services Houston experts explain – it is essentially duplicate content found on a website, making it considered much less interesting by Google’s algorithm in comparison. The content on a website should be unique to the site and the entire web, so it is not acceptable to copy one description for several products and categories. Many entrepreneurs in order to save money decide on such a solution and as a result lose their position they have worked for many months.

Philadelphia SEO company senior SEO specialist adds – duplicate content refers mainly to content duplicated by the site owner, but it is not always intentional. Very often content is duplicated unknowingly in RSS feeds or in several versions of the site, which most often means using the wrong graphic template.

What are the consequences of duplicate content on your website? First of all, Google’s algorithm will remove duplicate results. As a result, only one subpage with copied content will appear in search results, while other subpages will not generate search traffic. What’s more, duplicating content from another domain is not only prohibited by law – Google’s algorithm, upon detecting copied content and its reuse on another site, will display results for only one of them. The one whose content best matches the given description.

What to do if you make a mistake? Eliminating duplicate content is a relatively simple task for professional developers. First of all, you should use all the tools for webmasters, thanks to which you can easily analyze the selected site for duplicate content, and also use the robots.txt file, which allows you to effectively block access of Google robots to duplicate content.

Who to commission with positioning?

Positioning is about the smallest details, including those that at first glance should not have any impact on the results. First of all, it is important that SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is handled by a specialized SEO agency. Only specialists employed there are able to plan effective action and execute particular steps. Moreover, their experience and long-standing presence on the market make the process of positioning with their help simple and quick. Unfortunately, there are also many companies on the market that encourage with very low prices and promises without coverage. It is worth it to avoid them. Any mistakes can mean not only a loss of money, but also image damage – a site subjected to improper positioning may eventually be completely excluded from search results.

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