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What to bring on a summer trip to the mountains?

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Sunscreen, mountain boots, a jacket, long pants, a backpack – among other things, these things will come in handy during a holiday hike in the mountains.

Every trip requires preparation and thinking about what to pack. Several factors need to be taken into account. What you take for a vacation in warm countries, a trip to the lake, a tent, and still different in the mountains. In addition, it will look completely different at different times of the year.

We checked, what you should take for a summer trip to the mountains, to spend this time well and to avoid possible unpleasant surprises, such as chafing or sudden cold.


Even before you start packing your footwear, clothing and accessories, it’s worth taking care of UV protection first. With the sun is no joke, and in the higher parts of the mountains nothing can protect us from it. There are no trees to provide a substitute for shade. Don’t forget your headgear – a hat, cap, or scarf.

Trekking shoes

Mountains are such a distinctive terrain that there is no way to conquer more peaks in sandals, flip-flops or sneakers. Not to mention any shoes on platforms or heels.

In summer, even when the temperature is very high, decent mountain boots are required. What makes them different? First of all, they have a solid sole, support the ankle, and at the same time are breathable and waterproof. It’s not worth saving on them, because bad boots will spoil your trip. It’s also important to wear high socks (not socks!), which cover your feet and ankles well.


Mountain trip, no matter if it will be short or long, should be completed with a backpack on your back. This is the best solution, thanks to which you not only have two hands free, but also can pack all the necessary things into it.

Backpacks for hiking in the mountains look a bit different than school ones. They have a special waist belt, buckles on the chest and many compartments and pockets to keep all the things you need organized. A standard women’s handbag will not be convenient for this type of travel.

Jacket and other clothes

Weather in the mountains is extremely changeable. At different altitudes the temperature can vary greatly, in addition, you have to reckon with the fact that with the cooling wind blows and even rain falls.

That is why even in summer, when it is hot at the beginning of the route, you have to have a jacket at hand (or a raincoat). And it is one with a membrane, which will protect against strong gusts, is a waterproof jacket.

In addition, you will need short-sleeved shirts, a sweater or a sweatshirt and long pants (if you start the hike in short ones and vice versa), as well as thermoactive underwear, which will prevent the body from overheating.

Practical tips

Finally, do not forget about security. It is obligatory to carry documents, cash, a phone (optionally a powerbank), a map, a first-aid kit and a flashlight (preferably a headlamp). During the expedition you will need a lot of water (no sweetened or carbonated drinks) and sandwiches, protein bars, dried fruits and nuts

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