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How to organize an eco party?

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Outside the window beautiful weather, sunshine – summer has arrived. High temperatures and sunny weather invite to organize meetings outdoors. Garden party is unfortunately associated with a mountain of plastic plates, cups, cutlery and barbecue trays. This view makes many ecologists heartbroken. So how to arrange the summer party in order not to contribute to climate catastrophe? Here are some tips!

Avoid disposables

A party for a dozen people is quite a logistic challenge. Few people have enough plates and cutlery for all their guests. However try not to use disposable dishes. Ask a neighbor to help or ask a guest to bring some dishes. This way you avoid using disposable dishes that will become trash after the party. Don’t buy straws either – even the paper ones are non-recyclable and non-compostable

If you can’t organize enough dishes or you are overwhelmed by the idea of washing up after the garden party, try to choose alternatives to plastic. Paper dishes will be the lesser evil in this situation, but they are still mixed waste. Paper soiled with food is not recyclable, paper cups are coated with plastic and plates with wax, so they can’t be recycled or composted – they have to go in the black garbage can. A much better solution are dishes made of biodegradable cardboard or bran or, looking just like plastic, plastic made from sugar cane or corn starch. Such utensils can be disposed of as compost after the barbecue or buried in a pit so that they can decompose into biomass there in a few weeks.

Eco decorations

A garden party worthy of the name of “instagram” can not do without decorations. Unfortunately, these are often decorations made of plastic. Avoid glitter, foil confetti, balloons and “one time” decorations. Choose paper, cardboard or tissue paper decorations. Beautiful garlands and rosettes will create a rustic decor and make your party not only eco-friendly, but also beautiful

You can also bet on decorations in a completely different sense. Such a decoration can be, for example, a patterned tablecloth, which you will use for many years, and after wearing out, the material will still be useful for something. You can buy beautiful tablecloths, ideal for a garden party, at You can use wine or beer bottles as candlesticks, and instead of confetti, scatter flower petals that have bloomed in the garden on the table. Cut or potted flowers will look phenomenal as centerpieces

Buy local

Food from discount grocery stores and supermarkets is environmentally unfriendly, has a huge carbon footprint, and rarely comes from Poland. Local produce is the way to go for an eco-style barbecue. Sausage from a local butcher, salads made from organic vegetables, and cheeses from homesteaders will be much tastier than those available in popular stores, and they will be organic on top of that. Buying meat from an animal that has had a happy life on a farm rather than an industrial farm is also more ethical

When it comes to drinks, choose glass bottles. Think you can’t get enough? Instead of juice in a plastic bottle or an unprocessable carton, buy fruit syrups – raspberry, currant, cherry or whatever you like. Mix it with tap or filtered water and you’re ready to drink sweet drinks without plastic! There are also alcohols in glass bottles, so here the matter is easier. Profilwino store offers a wide selection of wines from different price ranges. Wine will go perfectly with grilled steak, while beer will go better with sausage or pork neck. You can return the glass bottles to the store, recycle them or reuse them for decorations or preserves

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