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How to achieve a healthy relationship with your body?

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Nowadays, we can feel the pressure to look perfect at every turn. Perfect, slim and smooth bodies loom large on Instagram and in advertisements. Looking at them every day, we can easily fall into complexes, which, unfortunately, is happening more and more often. What can you do to avoid giving in to complexes and get a healthy relationship with your body? You will get the answer to this question by reading this article. 

First – acceptance

Accept your body – how easy it is to say. The road to self-acceptance is difficult and tortuous. Often there are years or even decades of work on yourself. However, it is necessary for full happiness. It is worth realizing one thing – you will live with yourself until you die. It may be obvious, but read this sentence again. Your body will change over the years, you may look better or worse, but it will always be your body. Accepting this and loving yourself as you are is the key to success in the fight against complexes.

How to fight for self-acceptance in practice? A good way would be to go to a psychologist. This is how you will get the right tools to help you gain self-acceptance. In the privacy of your home you can stand in front of a mirror and look at your body. Then try to think and speak well of it. Treat yourself as you would a person close to you. Be your best friend to yourself. 

Work on your body

Accepting and loving your body doesn’t mean you can’t feel the urge to change it. You can fully accept your buttocks and at the same time want them to be firmer. It’s no wonder! So pursue your goal and change your body.

If you want to lose a few pounds – try to maintain a caloric deficit and an adequate amount of exercise during the day. If you want to improve the firmness of your body – go to the gym and for appropriate treatments to a cosmetologist. Use cosmetics that will help you keep your skin beautiful and healthy, and don’t skimp on beautiful perfume, All this will make the relationship with your own body greatly improved.

Learn to accept compliments

Accepting compliments is not an easy art. It is especially difficult for people struggling with complexes. They have such a distorted self-perception that they usually do not believe the good words said about themselves.

Try to believe the compliments said to you. If someone tells you that you have a beautiful smile, accept that this person liked it. Even then, if YOU don’t like it. Don’t react to compliments negatively, don’t negate them. Often we look at ourselves with a critical eye, and someone else sees a completely different picture of us. Remember – this is a more objective picture!

Talk about your problems

Nothing can help in difficult times as much as a frank conversation with a close person. Problems and doubts suppressed inside grow and become more difficult to overcome. So talk about problems – it will help clear your psyche and get a better relationship with your body.

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