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How do you buy gifts that won’t go to waste?

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Most of us enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them. But sometimes we have to work hard to make sure a gift not only makes the recipient happy but is also useful. Check out our suggestions of practical gifts for her and for him.

Scented candle

Recently on the market appear more and more brands offering natural candles of various scents – fresh, sweet, heavy and many others. They are extremely aesthetic, so they will be a great decoration of any room. They have a more practical use – after lighting them we can fill the apartment with aromatic scent, thanks to which it will be easier for us to relax and create a moody atmosphere. Some of the candles, thanks to their wooden wick, produce a characteristic crackling sound resembling wood burning in a fireplace. This will allow us to achieve a unique atmosphere in our own home, without much effort.

Coffee and tea

People are divided into two groups: those who cannot imagine starting their day without a cup of coffee and those for whom a day without drinking tea is a lost day. The person you want to give a gift to certainly belongs to one of these groups. A great idea for a gift is therefore elegantly packed good coffee or tea. Tea shops are sure to have a great selection of both. You can also buy a whole set, which in addition to coffee or tea also includes other practical accessories, such as mug or brewer

A good book

Let’s stay in the atmosphere of a nicely spent evening: we sit down in a comfortable armchair, light a beautifully scented candle, brew warm coffee and tea and… we sink into reading! A good book is a timeless gift, which will please many people and allow them to experience extremely relaxing moments. Depending on the person’s taste and likes, it can be a romance, detective story or fantasy. Travelers will surely enjoy a guide to a country they have never been to or a beautifully published album

Body care cosmetics

A smooth and moisturized body is something we all want to have. That is why it is so important to use lotion regularly, another great option for everyone. On drugstore shelves you will find a whole bunch of proposals, depending on your skin type, preferred formula or fragrance. Another important step to enjoy a smooth skin is a regular body scrub. This one we can do ourselves at home. All we have to do is prepare the necessary ingredients and mix them together

Homemade sugar scrub for face and body

:2 tablespoons of sugar1
tablespoon of grape seed oil, sweet almond oil or olive oil


10 drops of essential oil with a fragrance of your choice.

Such a scrub will be good for both the whole body care. The skin after using the cosmetic will be softened, cleansed and oxygenated. To make such a gift pleasing to the eyes, you can put it in a glass jar, stick a decorative label and tie a bow.

Give amazing moments

The best gifts are not the ones we can put on the shelf, but the ones that will give us an amazing experience that we will not forget for a long time. A good gift of this type for a woman will be for example a voucher for spa treatments and massages, wine tasting or paragliding flight. Men will certainly enjoy the extreme ride in a monster truck, a ride in a luxury Lamborghini or a pilot course. If we need a gift for a couple, we can try to buy a voucher for a dinner in the dark, a ticket for a theater performance or a trip to the shooting range


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