Slow food

What exactly is slow food?

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Slow food is all about changing the way we think about food and the way we eat

Recent years have shown that instead of processed food or meals eaten on the run, we want to finally enjoy our food. The key is to choose natural, seasonal and local products. Check how easy it is to implement the principles of slow food into your menu.

What is slow food?

Slow food is a social movement, but also an international organization which aims to promote and protect local food. Slow food is a social movement, but also an international organization which aims to promote and preserve local food.

The founder of Slow Food is Carlo Petrinii – a food critic from Italy, where food, especially homemade, is sacred. The movement is becoming increasingly popular also in Poland. So we proudly eat Polish oscypki, honey, bryndza, tenderloin in herbs or sękacze.

5 ways to implement the principles of slow food in your life

1. Healthy eating habits

Nowadays, almost everyone wants to eat healthy and balanced meals, but we keep finding new excuses to reach for quick and ready meals. Slow food aims to educate the public by showing how diet affects our health. Reaching for whole, organic foods can be very simple.

2. Local and organic food

Slow food assumes that the best way to eat is to choose foods that are seasonal and organic. This is a great way to avoid artificial colors and preservatives. It is worth including in your menu products from local farmers or food suppliers. This way we can be sure that the food we eat is fresh and comes from a reliable source

3. Celebrating food

Slow food is not only about promoting healthy products. An important part of it is enjoying food, sharing dishes and preparing them together. Cooking and then feasting can be a great way to spend time with family and friends.

4. Cultivating traditions

We all have our beloved childhood dishes that were perfectly prepared by our mother or grandmother. Slow food is also about continuing the tradition and appreciating the regional cuisine. Currently, more and more often we can appreciate the taste of Polish dishes, which are part of our culture.

5. “I know what I’m eating”

Preparing meals on our own and choosing products with simple ingredients makes us control what we eat. This allows us to directly affect our health and well-being. During the summer season it is worth putting a large portion of fresh vegetables and fruits on our plate.

After the season, you can supplement your diet with very healthy pickles, which are called natural antibiotics. Knowledge about food can also be an important element, which should be gradually increased.

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