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What can you add preserves to?

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Sweet and salty preserves are a great solution for autumn and winter. Thanks to them you can enjoy the taste of vegetables and fruit all year round. So find out what you can add to preserves such as jams, preserves, pickled mushrooms or sun-dried tomatoes and learn some delicious recipes.

Jam – a breakfast side dish or a delicious dessert

Fruit preserves such as jam or jam can be used in many ways in your kitchen. Above all, it is a great addition to breakfast. For example, you can add it to croissants with cottage cheese or goat cheese, as well as to typical American toast with peanut butter. It is also a great addition to pancakes, pancakes or sweet pancakes.

The jam can also be the basis for a delicious and quick dessert. To prepare it you will need 250g whole wheat flour, 150g chilled butter, 3 tablespoons sugar, 1 egg, a pinch of salt, mascarpone cheese, cream and of course your favourite jam. First knead the dough for the tart base (if you’re in a hurry, your tart base can be simply crumbled cookies) and bake it for 30 minutes, then leave to cool. Whip the cream with the mascarpone cheese and pour the resulting cream onto the tart. On the top add jam, for example raspberry or cherry from, put it in the fridge and the dessert is ready.

A good idea to use the jam is also to prepare a delicious winter tea. Just brew your favorite kind of tea with aromatic spices such as cloves and cinnamon and add a spoonful of your favorite jam to the drink.

Pickled mushrooms – an aromatic addition to salads and sauces

Marinated mushrooms are also one of the more popular preserves. They are a great addition to salads and sauces. After all, mushrooms are the basis for preparing tartar sauce. To prepare it you will need two large spoons of marinated mushrooms, a large gherkin, 100g of natural yogurt, 100g of mayonnaise, chopped chives, a teaspoon of horseradish and salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.

Marinated mushrooms, and especially mushrooms can also be a great addition to salads. Our suggestion is a salad with pickled corn, red onion, pickled cucumbers, eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, and dill. Such a salad is sure to go well at various parties at home.

Dried tomatoes in oil

Sun-dried tomatoes in oil also have many uses in the kitchen. Just like marinated mushrooms they can be an addition to salads, and they will be a great ingredient for a healthy and homemade sandwich spread. To prepare it you will need 200g of feta cheese, 5-6 sundried tomatoes, a few leaves of freshly chopped basil, a tablespoon of tomato oil, a clove of garlic and salt and pepper to taste – but be careful with the salt as the feta itself is already quite salty. Blend all ingredients and eat as a sandwich spread or dip for sliced fresh vegetables.

Sun-dried tomatoes will also make a great addition to homemade pizzas, tarts and casseroles, rice, pasta, stews, and as part of a wine cheese board.

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