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How to love tofu? Read on if you haven’t tried it yet

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Some people love tofu, others are not fond of it. The most important thing is to find a way to use it. Check how to introduce this ingredient into your kitchen. It is a great substitute for meat and dairy!

Tofu – why you should eat it

Are you looking for something to replace meat or dairy? Or maybe you just want to try something new? We have the answer to your dilemma. You should definitely reach for tofu. It is a kind of cottage cheese made from soya milk. It is a very good source of protein, it also contains calcium, while it is cholesterol-free, which is a big plus. Tofu is popular especially with people on a plant-based diet, although not only. More and more people are interested in this product and want to diversify their diet with tofu. In stores you will most often find tofu smoked or natural, sometimes also marinated and with the addition of selected herbs or ingredients. This soybean cottage cheese can be found in most popular supermarkets – however it will not necessarily be available in your local groceries

How to eat tofu?

There are really a lot of options, because this ingredient can be used both for snacks and for dinner dishes. Tofu for breakfast, lunch and dinner – the choice is yours. There are plenty of recipes! Check what dishes you can prepare with tofu.

Tofu soup

Want to replace your favorite scrambled eggs? Tofu salad is a way to really love tofu. A day started with this dish is sure to be a success. It’s a delicious culinary offering, and it’s filling, too. If you have little time in the morning before work and you want a valuable meal. Tofu patch seems to be a perfect option. This vegan variation on scrambled eggs has won the hearts of many people, so it’s a good idea to start your adventure with the famous soybean curd. Experts recommend it mainly with chives. Try it, how delicious it is!

Fried tofu for dinner

Looking for the perfect dinner idea? Fried tofu is the answer to your needs. Mix your favorite spices in water and blend them, then pour this mixture over tofu. Set aside for an hour, then fry – and you’re done! Your favorite vegetables will go well as a side dish. A dish prepared this way will be suitable not only for a decent lunch, but also for dinner

Tofu in a salad

Do you like salads? That’s great, because tofu works well as an ingredient in them. A light salad with baked tofu can be a dream lunch option. Prepare a mix of lettuce, tomato, bell bell pepper, cucumber and honey mustard marinade. This salad will quickly become your favorite!

Tofu has health benefits

If you realize how tofu is healthy, the more you will like it. Among other things, this product can prevent breast cancer, thanks to its phytoestrogen content. However, that is not all! Eating tofu also helps prevent prostate cancer. The beneficial effects of soy on our body have been shown by numerous studies. Do you have problems with high cholesterol and blood pressure? Here also the consumption of tofu will be useful. Women struggling with menopausal symptoms who include tofu in their diet are also likely to experience relief. As you can see, this ingredient in the diet is not only delicious, but it can also help fight dangerous diseases and nagging ailments. What more could you want?

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