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Everything You Need to Know About Chaga Mushroom Tincture

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You’ve heard the buzz about Chaga mushroom tincture, the new superfood that has people raving about its effects on their health and immune system. But what exactly is Chaga tincture? And how does it work in your body? Follow along with this guide as we explain all there is to know about Chaga mushroom tincture. 

How does it work?

The Chaga mushroom tincture is a natural antibiotic and contains powerful antioxidants that can help fight off viruses like colds and the flu. The antioxidants also help fight inflammation and cancer. It also has anti-aging benefits that can help you look younger and more vibrant! 

Chaga mushrooms are easy to harvest in the wild, but when they’re dried they lose their potency so it’s best if you make your own tinctures at home using fresh mushrooms. To make Chaga mushroom tincture, boil water, steep the mushrooms for an hour or two, strain them out with cheesecloth or a coffee filter, and then let them cool completely before pouring them into jars or bottles. I usually store mine in my fridge because I always have room there. If you want to use it often, I recommend making enough of it to last about 3 months so you don’t have to worry about making it too often. When mixed with alcohol (most common), the shelf life increases from about 3 months to several years.

Chaga tincture may be good for treating fungal infections like candida overgrowth and athlete’s foot as well as allergies such as hay fever and asthma by strengthening the immune system.

What are the benefits?

Chaga mushrooms are one of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms available and can be used in a variety of ways. One popular way is Chaga tincture, which is made by soaking raw, chopped or powdered Chaga in alcohol. The benefits of Chaga tincture are numerous: it’s an adaptogen that helps the body resist stress, boosts the immune system and offers antibiotic and antioxidant protection. It also contains significant amounts of copper, selenium and zinc which help with thyroid function as well as other health concerns. Studies have also found Chaga mushrooms to have anti-tumour effects on breast cancer cells in vitro. It has been shown to stimulate the production of white blood cells, increase NK cell activity and reduce tumour growth. Chaga tinctures may help detoxify heavy metals from the body and may boost energy levels. The Chaga tincture is typically taken in dropper form every few hours for up to 30 days at a time. The Chaga tincture dosage varies depending on need and ailment but usually ranges from 2-4 droppers per day for maintenance purposes. For acute conditions, dosages can be much higher – up to 8-10 droppers per day for 10 days at a time followed by regular maintenance doses thereafter.

Can you buy it online?

Chaga is a type of mushroom that grows on birch trees in the northern hemisphere and can be used medicinally. This tincture is made from dried Chaga that has been ground up into a powder, mixed with alcohol, and left to sit for a few weeks before being filtered into its final form. It’s thought that this extract may help heal the gut lining, improve skin health, boost immunity and reduce inflammation. 

The important thing is just getting the right dosage and quality. Most sources say that a dose should be no more than 5-10 grams per day but some people recommend taking 15 grams or less because Chaga seems potent enough when taken at low doses. Make sure you’re buying it from a reputable dealer who sells the fresh stock. If you buy online, check out if the seller offers any discounts or deals with free shipping, which could make Chaga tinctures cheaper than buying them elsewhere.

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