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Digital clothes. Are we in for another fashion revolution?

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: Carmen Carrera takes a selfie with her mobile phone before the Christian Cowan runway show in Gallery II of Spring Studios during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Spring Studios on February 12, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
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Digital fashion is revolutionizing the fashion market. How to wear innovative digital clothes and what should you know about this idea? Let’s find out what virtual clothes are all about.

How much do digital clothes cost?

Virtual shirts, jackets, pants or skirts, which we put on a photo and do not wear in the real world, have been on the market for almost 3 years. At the end of 2018, an innovative company called Carlings offered customers an original collection of digital clothes. Many people wonder, what are the approximate prices of this type of modern clothing? Carlings clothes cost from $ 11 upwards. Interestingly, the entire collection sold out in just a month.

Since 2019, Dutch brand The Fabricant has been releasing new digital clothing pieces every month on its website. The company has pushed the prices of the digital clothes upwards, making dizzying profits. For example, one customer bought for his wife a virtual dress by The Fabricant brand for $9500! Recall – the man paid for a dress that does not actually physically exist. His wife can “wear” the creation only in the photo and boast about the styling via social media.

Here is the first Polish digital clothing brand – Neuno

Digital clothes are slowly entering the Polish market as well. The precursor when it comes to digital collections on the domestic market is the company Neuno. The originators of the first Polish brand with digital clothing are Małgorzata Kudła and Adrian Hołota. According to them, in the next few years the option of putting on virtual clothes in real time will be used by many people, for example during meetings on Zoom or other Internet communicators. Neuno’s creators see great potential in digital fashion, especially as remote working becomes commonplace. Corporate employees will be able to wear a virtual shirt to a business meeting with a single click, without putting any effort into actually preparing a style.

Where did the idea to create Neuno come from?

The Nueno digital brand was created during a time of pandemonium. As its creators point out – they have been passionate about fashion and modern technology for years. When the government introduced a lockdown and the whole social life moved online, Małgorzata Kudła and Adrian Hołota decided that it was a great time to experiment with digital fashion.

Despite appearances, the technology that the Neuno brand uses is quite complicated. Why? Because the jacket, dress (or any other piece of clothing) must move along with the body. It doesn’t stop there – the virtual fabrics should reflect the character of their real-life counterparts. Which means that digitized silk must move like natural silk, while cotton must move like real cotton. So digital fashion enthusiasts are constantly striving to improve technology.

Virtual fashion – an eco-friendly approach to clothing production

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has made digital fashion the focus of many investors, its business potential recognized on a much larger scale. Before 2020 and the global outbreak, virtual fashion was treated more experimentally. Now, more and more people see digital fashion as an opportunity to solve the fast fashion problem and a way to reduce the excessive amount of manufactured clothing that is literally flooding the planet. Customers who start trying clothes on virtually won’t return as often, helping to reduce their carbon footprint and optimize clothing production.

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