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Don’t buy, rent! A trend that will stay with us for a long time

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Renting various things, including cars, apartments, or machines, instead of buying them is becoming more and more popular. Current trends show that clothes rentals are becoming more and more popular.

Fashion Sharing – a new idea of using clothes

Rent The Runway, an American start-up that allows renting brand-name clothes, has been operating on the global market since 2009. This service has several million users. It’s no wonder that more such rental services have been created all over the world, which follow the beaten track and rent specific models of clothes. The idea of Fashion Sharing gives customers the opportunity to pay per use, i.e. to rent clothes for a specific period of time, which means having to pay only one-tenth or one-fifth of the actual value of the clothes in question. The idea behind this solution is that we can put on the clothes we need for a specific event. So it means a significant saving of our precious cash.

Why is it important to rent clothes?

Among the online clothing rentals you can find is the website e-garderobe. It is an extremely cheap solution, which allows you to put on extremely expensive clothes for a small part of their actual value. Thanks to this solution, we can save a lot of space in the closet. You do not have to worry about stains, washing and ironing. The outfit is insured and its preparation is included in the rental price. This solution is particularly beneficial for people, who do not like to show up in the same outfit and opt for a variety of styling.

Exclusive dress rental service

Love The Dress rental is very popular. This type of clothing is one of the most commonly rented or worn items of clothing. Rental companies operating in Poland operate in the spirit of zero waste. Thus, renting exclusive dresses encourages the reuse of clothes that would normally remain in the closet for years. Instead, the purchase of new clothes is reduced, which is clearly good for the environment.

Bundling the dress rental business

One of the first clothing rental stores in the country was the Dress Library. This is where you can find a wide range of clothes that have taken the form of packages. You can choose for a specified price sets of, for example, 4 clothes, which can be rented for a specified number of days. Thanks to this, we can adjust the styles we are interested in to our current needs. It is worth remembering, however, that clothing rentals are not only websites and applications, but also specific brands.

Brands that have decided to rent their clothes

One of the first global brands to introduce an active clothing rental service was Lauren Ralph Lauren. It was this manufacturer that provided a special platform for renting Lauren Ralph Lauren styles. The brand was quickly joined by other global chains, including Urban Outfitters, Real Real or ThredUp. Polish brands have also followed in the footsteps of foreign brands. The Pozerki brand introduced a clothing rental service for a period of five days. Thus, it is the first Polish brand to independently launch a service available on various online portals. Still, access to most brands is only possible through rental services, such as the Clothes Library.

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