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White sneakers – a basic that became a trend

WIESBADEN, GERMANY - MARCH 10: White sneaker by Adidas as a detail of advertising twin Nina Meise during a street style shooting on March 10, 2021 in Wiesbaden, Germany. (Photo by Streetstyleshooters/Getty Images)
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They will never go out of fashion and are so versatile that they can be worn by anyone and with anything. White sneakers, as they are called, have become a permanent fixture in our closets and nothing indicates that this is going to change.

A brief history of sneakers

Sneakers are sport shoes, but contrary to what you may think, they are not meant for workouts or gym, but are a part of everyday outfits. Their name comes from the English to sneak, which simply means to sneak. The history of sneakers dates back to the mid-1800s, when they were supposed to be beach shoes with a rubber sole, still without distinction between a right shoe and a left shoe.

Then, in 1917, the Keds company began mass-producing canvas shoes. Almost immediately, the first versions of Converse and Adidas sneakers for basketball appeared.

Over time, other companies also introduced sneakers, but they were always intended for sports. The breakthrough came in 1984-1985 when Michael Jordan signed a contract with Nike and appeared in their shoes on the court in his signature model. People went crazy about him and wanted to wear sneakers every day with casual outfits.

For a long time, sneakers have been the domain of sports brands, but more and more you can find them in different styles and styles in luxury fashion houses like Gucci and Balenciaga.

White sneakers – what can you wear them with?

The popularity phenomenon of white sneakers should not surprise anyone. They are one of the most versatile pairs of shoes that exist. Young and old, men and women can easily wear them with almost every outfit and occasion.

White sneakers are undoubtedly a basic and the basis of your closet, which you can freely combine with almost everything. They will go well with pants – jeans, cigarette pants, cullots, fabric pants, tracksuits; skirt – leather, denim, pleated; dress – pencil, flowy, mini, maxi, fitted and oversized cuts. The possibilities are endless here.

This season we mainly wear two types of white sneakers. The first have a solid, thick sole, while the second are delicate, mesh, with a cushioning sole like the one for running. Of course, even if you choose classic white sneakers, they are also trendy, fashionable and stylish.

How do you take care of white athletic shoes?

Every shoe, and even more so the light colored ones, are prone to getting dirty. To keep them in great condition, you need to clean them regularly. An old toothbrush and toothpaste will work for the sole. Just moisten it and scrub. This is a safe way that will not damage your sneakers. It works great, especially when we are dealing with soles of non-standard shape.

Stains can be removed with a cloth soaked in water and washing up liquid or by applying a paste made of water and baking soda. When it comes to washing shoes in a washing machine, it is better not to do it if your white sneakers are made of leather or suede. You can put those made of textile materials into the washing machine (without insoles and laces of course). You should set the speed as low as possible and the temperature to maximum 30°C – most models have a special program for washing shoes.

It is good to place shoes in a bag (such as for washing underwear) and fill the washing machine with towels. This will prevent them from bumping against the inside of the drum. White shoes should never be dried in the sun, as this may result in unsightly stains.

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