Manitu shoes – perfect for classic design lovers

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Manitu is a brand from Germany that specializes in the production of women’s shoes. The manufacturer creates comfortable, uncompromising shoes for everyday walking that have a great price-quality ratio

Manitu combines extremely flexible soles and soft leather to create shoes designed according to the art of medicine. The shoes are contoured to mold to the foot to provide proper alignment and cushioning. The brand pays special attention to colorful women’s leather boots and half-shoes – you can find them in the offer in different colors and variations. The unique character of the brand can be seen in the strong colors and interesting details of Manitu shoes, making them an excellent choice for lovers of classic design.

What is the brand Manitu?

Manitu is a family-owned shoe wholesaler from northern Germany. The Pölking shoe company has been around for over 125 years and is run by the fourth generation of the Pölking family. For 45 years, the company has used its know-how not only to sell German shoe brands to retail stores, but also to develop its own shoes under the Manitu name

The Manitu brand is unique. The shoe manufacturer focuses on the high comfort of wearing them. Manitu shoes are valued by women who love fashion and unusual, yet classic solutions

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