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Overnight stay in a yurt. Unusual idea for a vacation

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The traditional home of Mongolian nomads, among others, is the yurt. In recent times, it has become a particularly popular place for relaxation. So why accommodation in a yurt is worth our attention?

What are yurts?

In Central Asia there are huge tracts of extremely picturesque steppes. It is in these areas you will come across many distinctive houses-tents. They are called yurts, which is a Turkish term. The structure itself is extremely simple and practically unchanged for hundreds of years. On a wooden frame are spread mostly animal skins, felted wool or canvas. Thanks to the use of these materials, as well as giving the building an oval, symmetrical shape, they are extremely resistant to changing climatic conditions. They are not afraid of rain and gusty wind, as well as large amounts of snow. Such houses are becoming increasingly popular

Why it is worth to decide to stay in a yurt?

Yurts established in Poland and Europe, for obvious reasons must be adapted to the specificity of our climate. After taking into account atmospheric factors specific to our region, there are many places, where tourists craving for rest in the bosom of nature, can feel like on the Asian steppes. Overnight in a yurt allows you to find solace and rest from the hardships of everyday life. By returning to nature, we give ourselves the opportunity to relax in pleasant, beneficial conditions. We feel relaxed, which is especially important in the context of the busy lifestyle we lead every day. What is more, this unique rest is a good solution not only in warmer months, but also in winter. We can then feel the winter aura, and yurt will certainly protect us from the cold. Such accommodation guarantees us a sense of freedom and independence, which we sometimes lack every day

Resting spaces with 4rest camp

Incentives to rest in nature can be found, among others, on 4rest Camp – a website presenting 4 holiday yurts located on the border of Kashubia and Kociewie. Although the external appearance fully resembles the solutions known from the Asian steppes, inside each yurt you will find a modern space adapted to the requirements of guests. Resting places 4rest Camp are located in an extremely picturesque landscape near the lake. Staying overnight in a yurt is not the only attraction that makes it worthwhile to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Walking, being in nature, or even bathing in a tub are excellent ways to regenerate. Such places for rest can be found not only in Pomerania

Beech yurts, or the Low Beskids in Mongolian style

There is a unique, highland-mountain alternative for lovers of rest in the bosom of nature. We are talking about the beech yurts located in the Low Beskids. It is here that year-round Mongolian yurts have been established, providing beautiful views. Located in the Low Beskids, the yurts provide an ideal opportunity for so-called glamping, or exclusive camping. A yurt, although traditionally associated with Asian steppes, is a solution that can be used in virtually any conditions. Overnight stay in a beech yurt is an excellent alternative for mountain climate lovers.

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