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Sewing your own clothes – find out why

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You don’t like clothes from chain stores or you have an unusual figure and you can’t find clothes that will fit you perfectly? If so, why not start sewing your own clothes? Find out how to start and why it’s worth it.

Why is it worth it?

There are many benefits of sewing your own clothes at home. First of all, creating your own outfits, you have full control over their appearance. You choose yourself what material they are made of, exactly what cut they have, whether they are decorated and if so, how. You can create your outfit from start to finish and be sure that you will like it one hundred percent. You can also be sure that it will be of good quality because you will choose the fabrics yourself. This avoids washed-out prints, shrunken pants and sweaters and tumbled shirts. It is also a more ecological solution, so if you are a supporter of the anti-fast fashion movement, sewing clothes is the perfect option for you. Chain stores mass produce clothes, often not providing decent working conditions for their employees in sewing rooms. These clothes are also usually one-season – you wear them for some not-so-long time, and then you have to throw them away and buy another one. This has made the textile and clothing industry very environmentally unfriendly. So by sewing clothes yourself, you will not only gain unique and stylish styles, but also help the planet

Where to start?

You have decided to make your own clothes. Great! So where to start your sewing adventure to make it fun and easy?

Good equipment and accessories

To start efficiently sewing, you need to stock up on a sewing machine. What to pay attention to when choosing equipment? First of all, it would be good that the machine you choose is built with metal components. This will ensure that it will serve you for years, even under heavy use. Robust components will also cope with extremely thick materials or with several layers of clothing. It is also worth paying attention to the gripper. It is good that it is also made of metal, which will help you in a situation when a thread gets tangled. Also, choose a model that has adjustable length and stitch. When it comes to sewing on the machine, die cuts are also something that you might find useful. You will know exactly what to sew together to make a beautiful garment. You can successfully order them by choosing, for example, dress patterns or trouser patterns

Start creating

If you have already chosen the right equipment and purchased materials, you can move on to sewing. However, if you have never dealt with patterns, sewing machine and different fabrics before, you should start calmly. Sew a pillowcase, a simple scarf or a fabric bag. These are simple accessories that will get you around the machine and help you become proficient. If you dive right in, you might get discouraged if the project doesn’t work out. Once you are past this stage, try sewing a simple garment using a pattern, such as a trapeze skirt. With time you will gain experience in working with patterns and you will learn a lot about materials. You will then be able to create the kind of clothes you want, which will surely bring you a lot of satisfaction and make you look unique and unrepeatable.

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