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The white T-shirt is the king of basics. See proposals from Polish brands

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A white cotton T-shirt is a must have for any woman’s closet. Especially women who complete a capsule closet, should invest in a good quality T-shirt. What Polish brands offer us?

RISK made in Warsaw – white T-shirts for fashion fans

The first proposition is a white T-shirt by RISK made in Warsaw – a brand which is well known to the Polish fashion lovers. The company has been in business for a decade, gaining more and more fans every year (the founders of the brand are Antonina Samecka and Klara Kowtun). What distinguishes RISK made in Warsaw t-shirts? Careful workmanship with attention to the smallest details (perfectly straight seams, no protruding threads). The company prefers biodegradable materials and acts pro-ecologically, which is very much appreciated nowadays. You can see that the owners care about the high quality of their products. How much does a T-shirt with this brand logo cost? There is no denying that this is not a store with cheap clothes – the price of a basic T-shirt in white is about 190 PLN, but on promotion we can buy it even 50% cheaper.

Mybasic – white T-shirts for women of good quality

Every fan of high quality clothing, who wants to support Polish clothing manufacturers, should have in her closet white T-shirt for women of good quality brand Mybasic. T-shirts of this company keep their cut despite multiple washings and look great on both slim and rounder women. Another plus are the very reasonable prices (we’ll pay about 60 zlotys for a white cotton T-shirt with the OEKO-TEX standard 100 certificate). The store also offers a wide selection of clothing for children.

Tyszert – white T-shirts for demanding women

Another Polish brand worth mentioning is Tyszert. As the name suggests, the company offers a wide range of T-shirts in different colors e.g. with a boat or V neckline. Not only the clothes, but also the materials are produced in Poland. Soft, nice-to-touch cotton and a wide range of sizes make it possible for every woman to find a perfect T-shirt for herself. The standard price of a Tyszert T-shirt is PLN 140-180 (as we know, quality costs money)

PLN LALA – nonchalant T-shirts for young girls

PLN LALA is a Polish brand whose collections have won the hearts of teenage girls and fans of sport style. Thick, fleshy cotton is often used to make these shirts. Certainly these are not disposable T-shirts “to the first wash”, which we can buy in many popular clothing chains. With proper care, they will serve us for years! The average price for a white T-shirt is 100-120 PLN.

Yellow Meadow – comfortable T-shirts in the spirit of slow fashion

A good choice is also a T-shirt from a small, family company Yellow Meadow, which was founded a few years ago by two creative sisters. Natural fabrics sewn in the spirit of slow fashion make us feel extremely comfortable and confident in T-shirts from this company. How much does a standard white T-shirt cost in this store? It is the expense of 150-180 PLN (it is worth to hunt for promotions, which Yellow Meadow periodically organizes for its customers).

We hope that our list of the most interesting Polish brands offering white T-shirts (and not only) will be useful for you and that you will buy the t-shirt of your dreams, which will work on many occasions.

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