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How to build a capsule closet? 5 golden rules

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Conscious closet and elements that go together – we suggest how to organize your closet, so that you always have something to wear and do not make ill-considered purchases on the spur of the moment. Despite appearances, the capsule closet is not strictly minimalism.

Capsule closet, or what kind of wardrobe?

Capsule closet is a concept that very often comes up in the media and in the fashion industry. We explain what exactly it means. Capsule wardrobe originates from the seventies, but was popularized a few years later by Donna Karan, designer of the famous brand DKNY.

The idea is to create styles from a relatively small number of elements. What is important, it is about seasonal styling, covering the period of about two or three months. Therefore, we compose our closet in such a way that everything fits together in that season. There are various voices, saying that it is enough to have between 30 and 40 things for this time.

“Capsule” is our clothes (tops, bottoms, outer garments) and shoes. However, we do not include underwear, pajamas, home and sports clothes, and handbags, jewelry and accessories. It’s all about our base and foundation. This approach helps you to consciously make possible purchase decisions and to sensibly organize your space.

Principles of creating a capsule closet

First things first

The first step that needs to be taken when building a capsule closet is thorough cleaning. We pull everything we own out of the closet. This will allow you to assess your approach to fashion, take a critical look and, of course, get rid of things that have not been worn for a long time and do not fit. Without sentiment, let’s give or sell them to someone who will use them. It is not worth hoarding clothes.

Determine your style

It is important to determine the style, which we want to follow. There is no one pattern imposed by the top down, that we should have such and such pants, shirts, blouses or outer clothes. The most important thing is to adjust the contents of your closet to your needs and lifestyle, as well as your figure and preferences. Not everyone will wear a formal, fitted jacket, blue shirt, turtleneck or tube pants. You might as well opt for a looser jacket, white T-shirts and cigarette or mom jeans. You want to have a closet that you like and that contains things you would enjoy wearing.

Good quality is essential

What matters here is not quantity, but quality, so that everything will serve us for a long time and will not spoil after one season. How to do it? Of course, by reading the composition of materials. Organic cotton, viscose, silk, linen, and in sweaters and coats cashmere and wool. Polyester or acrylic are not a good choice.

Things fit together

The essence of capsule closet is not to give up shopping altogether, but to get rid of the habit of buying under the influence of the moment, whim or promotion. Then it turns out that not only do we have too many clothes, but the purchased item does not fit with the rest.

With all the things we have for a given season, we can easily create many stylings. If a coat, it is a classic one, with a belt, suitable for dresses, pants and skirts, if pants, then one which will match T-shirts, tops and shirts, etc.

Remember about colors

Consistent content of your closet is not only about types and cuts of clothes and shoes, but also about colors. It is best to limit yourself to basic, neutral ones, such as black, white, earth colors, but also pastels or strong red. They are supposed to emphasize our beauty, so for some it will be colder shades, for others warmer. Some will bet more on pastels, others on saturated colors. As a result, you have to think about it in such a way, that all colors harmonize with each other.

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