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How should we take care of our jeans so that they will serve us in good condition for years?

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Jeans are a classic on the clothing market and everyone has them in their closet. Well made can serve for years. But do you know how to take care of them, so that they remain in perfect condition for a long time?

Rips, holes, patches – in the case of many models of pants we would immediately throw them away if they had such defects, but in the case of jeans they are an interesting variety of pants. However, as any piece of clothing, they require proper care, so that they can serve us for years.

To wash or not to wash?

Jeans are this kind of pants, about which it is said that they rarely need washing, and the abrasions on them are in many cases even desirable. Besides, in stores you will find plenty of models with holes in strange places and protruding threads. So the question of washing jeans has been a contentious issue for years. Because if you wash them regularly, at what temperature should you wash them, by hand or chemically? Or put them normally in the washing machine with other clothes? What detergents should be used? The choice of washing method depends, above all, on the material composition of the given pair of pants. It is worth knowing that jeans are made of different fabrics – with different additives, etc. That is why, before washing them, you should always read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label

Remember however, that denim fabric is not necessarily fond of high temperature washing, it does not like detergents either. Washing denim in high temperatures and various softeners may unfortunately cause discoloration of the color and even shrinkage of the material. Probably everyone has had a bad “adventure”, that after washing the pants turned out to be too tight

So how to wash jeans, so that they do not lose their quality? Remember about proper temperature. It would be best to wash them by hand or dry, but we do not always have such an opportunity. Most manufacturers recommend washing your jeans at 30 degrees Celsius, using mild detergents. Before putting them into the washing machine, it is best to turn them inside out, fasten buttons and zips. Of course, it is also best to wash them with clothes of a similar shade, because you have to bear in mind that jeans (especially those of an intense blue color) have a tendency to dye.

Although the most prone to dyeing are jeans in dark blue shades and it is best to wash them separately, in cold water. You can add some vinegar to their rinse, which will make the fabric less prone to discoloration.

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How to dry jeans?

Denim pants dry best hung on a dryer or in the open air (especially when the weather outside is good), but away from the sun, because strong rays may unfortunately bleach them. As we mentioned earlier, the composition of the fabric also affects the appearance of jeans. For example, if the fabric contains the addition of stretch, then the pants may stretch a little after washing, or shrink if this admixture is not present. So when buying jeans it is worth taking this rule into account. Therefore, always check the composition on the trouser label.

It is also recommended to dry jeans in a hanging position. In order for them to serve us for a longer time, and not only for one season, certainly do not put them on the heater and dry them in mechanical dryers. This greatly weakens the fabric and makes it susceptible to abrasion and tearing.

Interestingly, jeans are so fond of low temperatures that many people practice the tried and tested method of putting them in the freezer. How does such a “thermal shock” affect them? The extremely low temperature removes potential bacteria from the surface of the material, without destroying the pants, which is often done by various detergents. Freezing jeans also has no side effects.

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What about ironing jeans?

Ironing denim pants is not advisable. This is because the high temperature unfortunately destroys the cotton fibers. So how to manage without ironing and what to do when the pants after washing are all wrinkled? Fitted jeans, the so-called skinny jeans, stretch perfectly on their own on the body. Only after washing it is enough to hang them properly, so that there are no unnecessary folds. What about wider models, such as bell-bottoms, which are coming back in style? If we do not want them to look sloppy, ironing is advisable in this case. But how to do it without damaging the material? The temperature should be adjusted according to the instructions on the trouser label.

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