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Classic shoes for everyday life – check out our suggestions

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Shoes are the basis of elegance and image building. Clean, neat and well-chosen shoes guarantee a great look. What models of shoes should you have in your closet, so that you always have something to wear with outfit? We suggest!

Classic half-shoes

The most basic shoes in our closet are of course women’s half-shoes, which match most casual stylizations. They are all-weather shoes, ideal for pants, especially simple jeans. They can be elegant or more casual, everyday, depending on your style and tastes. For more formal everyday outfits, lace-up shoes will work better, while slip-on shoes will be enough for a walk in the park. However, it’s not the best choice with a dress or a skirt. Yes, oxfords or patent leather shoes will stand up for themselves in such a combination, but more sporty models won’t fit. It is best to choose shoes of Polish manufacturers, not only is it to support domestic business, but also a guarantee of high quality


When it comes to comfortable everyday shoes for a dress, ballerinas will always be a hit. Both for everyday outfits with skirts or dresses and for romantic outfits for the evening they will prove phenomenal. It is the comfort provided by the flat sole and elegance provided by stilettos. Great solution for those women who appreciate both comfort and love to classics

Sporty shoes

Even if you are not a frequent gym-goer, one pair of sports shoes in your closet is a must. Going for a long walk, jogging or even a long shopping trip, where you will need comfortable shoes. These are the situations for which it is a good idea to have a pair of lightweight, comfortable athletic shoes with flexible soles in your closet. Such footwear is also a great relief for tired feet, when, for example, after a whole day at work on stilettos you still have to go to the store, your feet will thank you if you give them that comfort and put on sports shoes.


This is another model of footwear that no woman’s closet can do without. They are just as versatile as half shoes, although they have a more casual character. They go well with pants as well as with a dress and you can easily combine them even with an elegant women’s suit. They are comfortable, look aesthetically pleasing and go with literally anything. Some would put sneakers under the category of sports shoes, but this is not quite a good classification. Sport shoes are more focused on comfort and flexibility, not appearance, in turn sneakers, although comfortable and will also work for sports, are much more stylish


The last must-have item in every woman’s closet is a pair of sandals. In summer, especially in hot weather, it is impossible to do without them. A pair of classic sandals on a stiletto, wedge or flat sole is a perfect complement to every summer styling, both with pants and a dress or skirt. It is not only a comfortable option for hot weather, but also a very stylish proposition for summer clothes. White openwork dress combined with brown shoes is a holiday classic and the most fashionable set this season

Choosing the right shoes to match your outfit is a very important, but also quite unobvious topic. There is no single recipe for a fashionable outfit, fashion is not mathematics and there are no strict rules. Combine clothes and shoes as you like, keeping in mind the advice of stylists to avoid mistakes. Fashion is all about having fun and experimenting, so go ahead

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