Leather shoes made of pineapple, grapes and apples. Meet Polish brand Bohema Clothing

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We are hearing more and more about eco-friendly materials used to prepare shoes. While pineapple shoes are the most popular, other materials are also gaining prominence, and cactus is among them.

An extremely eco-friendly brand

In recent times, Pinatex, a leather made from pineapple leaves, seems to reign supreme in the market. However, now a strong rival has appeared, namely the leather from cactus called Desserto. This material is currently used by a Polish brand involved in the production of footwear – Bohema Clothing. It is a pro-ecological form of production that does not harm animals. Ecology is the guiding principle of many global brands, which is why more than one company has abandoned the use of ordinary “eco-leather”, which still remains an artificial, environmentally harmful solution

Phenomenal design of Bohema Clothing

The innovative use of a variety of plant materials is increasingly entering the fashion market. Many designers believe that plant materials are the future of the industry. The popularity of pineapple shoes only confirms this. There is a brand in Poland that creates shoes from plant-based leathers. Bohema Clothing uses Pinatex pineapple leaves, Vegea grape skin and apple skin. It is the first company in the world to make shoes used from cactus leather. The artful, handcrafted designs made from planet-friendly materials makes this a worthwhile solution. Where did the idea to create such a brand even come from?

Where did the idea for Bohema Clothing come from?

Wiola and Sebastian Szypuła are responsible for creating the brand. Interested in innovative solutions that care for ecology and the natural environment, they noticed that there is a clear lack in fashion when it comes to options available for vegans. In response to the demand, they decided to create a brand with natural leather products. They first began creating footwear from Pinatex, presenting the Bohema Swan shoe collection. Seeing that there were more solutions, they decided to expand their collection to include the Desserto material, which is created in Mexico. It is one of the latest materials that was presented at the Lineapelle 2019 International Leather Fair in Milan. Thus, the Polish company was the first in the world to appreciate the possibilities offered by the Mexican material.

Amazing cactus leather

Cactus leather is as unique as the cacti themselves. These plants grow in harsh environments, so they are highly resistant to the elements. Analyses suggest that shoes made from such material should even last more than a decade. The cactus leather itself is made by combining powdered prickly pear and cotton. This makes Desserto considered as a fully vegan material, perfectly fitting the needs of the footwear industry. What is more, the material is partially biodegradable and has the parameters required in the fashion industry, e.g. for the production of leather shoes.

What sets cactus shoes apart from pinatex?

The Bohema Clothing brand initially used leather made from pineapple leaves. Pinatex thus became the unique material used by the brand. It has a characteristic crease, while Desserto is a fabric with a completely different texture. The smooth, animal-like cactus leather allows the brand to introduce new and unique models to meet customer needs

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